Firesteel and Tinder Paracord Lanyard Kit with Jute, Magnesium and Fatwood ( An Instructional Video )

Posted by Stacy on 3/11/2013
This is a neat video on fire starting with a kit that is not only pretty cool but convenient since it contains everything you might need all in one place.

How to make a Swedish Fire Torch

Posted by Stacy on 3/11/2013
Here is a video that is a little diffrernt from our usual paracord vidoes. A cool and unique way to make a fire that you can cook on in the wild.

A Good Video Explaining what Paracord is

Posted by Stacy on 3/11/2013
Here is a good video that explains what paracord is and some of the many uses it has.

How to Make a Quick Deploy Paracord Bracelet with Blaze Bar

Posted by Stacy on 3/11/2013
Here is a neat bracelet that can be quickly deployed in an emergency situation.

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