Wrap A ESEE Izula Paracord Knife (How To)

Posted by Stacy on 2/12/2013

This is the most common why to wrap an ESEE (RAT) Izula knife.  It provides a solid handle and several feed of paracord for emergency use.

Several paracord knives, such as the Izula, are available at Paracord Store!


Speaker 1: All right. Hey, guys. This video was requested by Samurai165 and if you wanted to know how to paracord wrap your Izula. That's fine with me, and first off, what you will need. Well, of course, you'll need your Izula, duh. You'll need some sort of pliers. Small pliers, preferably, for tying or untying knots if you make a mistake at the end which I will get to, obviously. You'll need, I donít know, about 5, 6 feet of cord maybe. I donít know 3, 4, 5, 6, somewhere between there. Just get yourself a bunch of cord and you will be fine. All right, so let's put the pliers aside and this--the knife comes with instructions on how to wrap it, but it's kind of two dimensional. Some people may not be able to follow the instructions well. Hopefully, this video will clear things up a bit.

What you need to do is get the two ends of your cord like so and go all the way to the end. What you want to do is get the end of your cord and hold it like so. Put it right in between and you can take the knife out of the sheath or keep in the sheath. It's whichever way you prefer. It doesnít matter.

You take the middle like I just showed you. You have enough cord for both sides and you put it on top. Well, you can do it under on this side or whichever you prefer. It does not matter. Like that, then you take this piece, the right piece. You put it underneath and inside. Hold on, hold on so we donít screw up. I just screwed it up a little bit, but hey, I'm human. I can mistakes so screw you will.

All right, anyways. Again, you take this, put it under and in, and you feed it through like so. See under and through like that and then you take the other end on the left and you do it also. You put it under and in, and through like so. Then you put it--you squeeze it tight. You tie it tight all the way to the bottom if you wish. Then you take, again, the right piece and you do the same thing over and over. You put it under and through like so.

Hold on one second. I just have to close the door. Yeah, you repeat the process and then you take this, and again, you put it under and through. That's all you're doing. You're repeating the process over and over. You see the pattern here and then you take it again. Just follow these steps until we get to the top and then I'll show you what to do. I'll try to do this as fast as I can. I donít want to take up too much time doing this, hopefully.

I need to learn how to edit for the love of God. I do know, but I just donít feel like it sometimes. You know what I'm talking about, those of you who feel like editing? Yeah, you guys know. Of course, you do. It's pain in the butt hole. You're ready to just make a video straight through. Thatís how it's supposed to be done, old fashion style. Okay, so you just keep doing the same thing and if you got lost in the process, then just go back to the beginning. You're pretty much doing the same thing over and over. You're taking the right piece over and through. You're taking this over and through. That's what you're doing.

Pretty simple, right? Look at the weave weíre coming up with now and we're getting to the end. Carefully, now you're finishing up so you have to be careful with how much cord you have left over. Let's see if we can still fit through this piece right here. Hold on. There we go. Cut that. Let's see. Yep, this piece will fit through still. You can fit it through.

Weíre coming up to the tricky part where there is not enough room here. You have to squeeze it a little bit and you take this piece. This is the tricky part. Now, you're done but you're just doing one last step before you tie it around the hole. You take the right piece and that's sticking out that you just fed through. You take it underneath again, regular step, just a little different. You feed it through and you leave it. That's it. You're done. Leave it like so. Then you take that piece and instead of feeding it through the hole, you just wrap it. That's what you're doing. You're wrapping it around the hole.

Do you see what I'm doing? You fed this through right here. You fed that through, you leave it, and you take this. Instead of feeding it through here because there's not enough room, you wrap it around. Let me show you on the other side and you go through the hole. Thatís what you're doing. You're fitting it through but this hole--and I like to call it the pinky hole which is not really meant for the pinky, but that's what I'm going to call it anyways.

There we go and just wrap it and you're doing this on both sides. Let's just wrap this a little and then we're doing it on the other side. On this side, you're fitting through the hole. Well, the step I showed you with the other piece of the cord is important. You need to follow that. Thatís what you're doing to finish it off and it's an important step so you donít fuck up. You pull this tight and so it's nice and tight, and snug. It's kind of hard to do it and you wish you had like four hands, but you'll get used to it.

There we go. We're coming up to the end. We're almost done. Almost. There we go. Now, we're at the end almost.

Actually, just pull this one through one last time. All right, and now once you've done that, you have two pieces right here at the end. You see, they're on opposite ends. You donít want them to be sticking out from one end because that's a no-no. Then it's going to be fucking up. You want it like this. Then you take these two and you tie a simple knot. You take them both and tie it down. You put them under, under, and through. You might want to use the pliers however you want it or just use your hands. Just take the little pliers.

Sweet! Oh, that didnít work too well. There we go. Hold up. There you and you squeeze them tight. All right, see? Now, we're done. We have a nicely wrapped ESEE Izula. All right, yeah. You can make in more snug and more tight fit however you want to do it. More or less, that's the way to do it. I hope I helped Samurai165 and thanks so much for the request. Guys, I hope you enjoyed. Stay safe, stay sharp, and that's how you wrap your ESEE Izula. Peace and out!
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