Tips using a Paracord Lanyard

Posted by Stacy on 2/5/2013

Another from the bps7us1 channel.  This is not a how to video, but rather is has some handy tips for your paracord lanyards.


Speaker 1: What’s up guys? This one is going to be a fairly quick video and a fairly ... on an issue that gets confusing for some people, as far as lanyards - how to get them on your knives, how to make them. It’s not going to be a “how to make” video, but just discussion.

Lanyards can be real fun. You can make them in a lot of different styles. If you’re making a lanyard for your own knife, obviously you could take a knife with a lanyard hole like this one, put a line through there and work off that however you want it to. When you’re sending lanyards to people, they need to be able to attach it to different items and whatever knife they might want. Let me just take this one off of there, so we can demonstrate with it. This one is a gutted DNA cobra knot and I’m going to use that for the example even though it’s black. All these styles, any style you can leave the cord attachment gutted. Now if it’s not gutted, you can still attach it to a number of different things. Here’s my keys. I have one permanently fixed on my keys here with a Mr. [Dearmaster inaudible 00:01:16] Master 3L8 lanyard bead. Then there’s this kind of style, which this is a piranha knot, just Master M prototype kind of thing. You can easily put that on anything. You get a lanyard like this or a zipper pole or a small one. You want to attach it to your carabiner or you simply put the loop over and then pull the rest of it through.

See that? Now that’s not going anywhere. All right, so on a knife you want to do the same thing. What I do the way I do it, and there are a number of ways to do it, but this is really easy. You can get a piece of paracord guts and when you’re gutting paracord to make lanyards you’ll have plenty of this left over. Just tie it off with a simple double knot or overhand knot and make yourself a loop, okay? Just basically like we just did that lanyard, we’re going to take a little piece of that loop and attach it to our lanyard. We’re going to come through there and then bring all that cord through that loop. Sorry … like so.

All right? Now we have it attached on the lanyard and it’s a lot easier to get it through the knife. Now we’re going to take our knife, get the gut started through the handle hol ... through the lanyard hole and you’ve basically got it. Now if this is difficult for you, and I think I will have no problems on this one. You can pull it right through. If it is difficult and it hurts your fingers or your hand, what you can do is wrap some of this around your finger like that, maybe wear a glove or simply wrap it around something hard like a pen or a pencil or a broom or whatever. Then you can get a little more leverage.

You simply get that gutted piece through the whole. Then you’re ready to remove this. With this system with making a loop the way I did and pulling that through, you could use this one over and over again. When you’re sending these out to people, send them some of these strings looped together already and tell them how to do it. Now you have a loop coming through, the same thing we’re going to do again. You put that lanyard through that loop and then you simply start adjusting it until you get it where you want it. That’s how I do it, guys! Real simple, real easy and it gives a nice look, nice addition and a way to carry some extra-cordage.

Hope that helped. Hope that explains the way I do it. Let me know if anybody has any questions at all. Just put them down below and definitely I’ll get back to you on those. Thanks for watching, everybody. Everybody please have a great day!
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