Tie a Bottle Sling Using Paracord

Posted by Stacy on 2/5/2013
This is one of the super-handy knots everyone should know. It doesn't take much cord and makes it easier to carry a bottle. Also, if you are going on a trip with several others, like a Boy Scout troop, having these on the water bottles makes it easier to carry a bunch of them at a time when going to fill them up.


Speaker 1: Hey guys, welcome back to ITS Tactical. This week’s “Knot of The Week” is going to consist of teaching you how to tie “a bottle sling”. “A bottle sling” is a pretty cool knot that allows you to slip it over any kind of bottle. I just used an old rubber-made bottle we had around here. Essentially what it does is it creates a sling (Laughs) as it’s called to let you carry around something in a bottle shape. It was used a long time ago to carry bottles back and forth and things like that. Today I’m going to teach you how to tie it and we’ll get right into it.

Okay, the first step in creating a bottle sling is to grab a piece of paracord. This happens to be a two-foot strand of paracord. You’re going to make two loops. Now these loops you want to wrap around the back side like so. They’re almost like opposing loops, but not quite. You want this main strand to come over the top and with this main strand you’re actually going to be creating a bike right here in this lower strand. Now you’re going to take the right loop and wrap it over the left. Your bike is going to come through the bottom to the left side. It’s going to come through the two strands’ middle and up to the top.

Now I’m going to enlarge this so you can see that pattern here. I’m going to create it a little more slack here. It can get a little tricky to get this first step right, so I’m going to show you the exact pattern. That’s what you want to end up with. What you’re going to do from this point is you’re actually going to hold the back strand down around the back just like so, and you’re going to pull this top strand right here to match it down here. What you’ve essentially created is an area now that’s going to act as the sling. You’ve got one loop. You’ve got your strands hanging out to the side. With this loop you’re actually going to place that around your bottle or your jug, or what have you? You can tighten it up a little bit from this point and start to see the pattern that gets created here just like so.

Now what you’re going to do with the leftover here is you have two options. You can make two handles if you have a heavier or bigger jug, so two people can carry it. This acts as one loop. You can tie a double fisherman’s knot in the other side to act as the second loop. Now what you can also do at this point is actually make the sling portion of it by making your double fisherman’s knot, after you bring it through that loop like so. Again, if you’re not familiar with the double fisherman’s knot, be sure to check out our other “Knot of The Week” articles on ITS Tactical.

I’m going to tie a double fisherman’s real quick here, very easy knot to tie. Once you have your double fisherman’s knot in here you’ve essentially got the sling all put together. Now there is your bottle sling. You can use this to tie onto a jug, as I was saying. You can put it on an algene bottle that has the lid come off or something like that, or actually that lid connector piece on an algene. You can use it to just a back here or anything. Really even from this point, you could still get two people on this thing, carrying it so. This is a bottle sling, again on ITS Tactical’s “Knot of The Week”. Hope you enjoy the video and the instruction. Be sure to check out the step-by-step photos and tutorial on “itstactical.com”. Leave any questions in the comments. Thanks for watching!
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