Things to do With Paracord Scraps

Posted by Stacy on 2/14/2013

If you make a few paracord projects, you will end up with a few scraps.  As time goes on, save these small pieces to make cool small projects such as these.


BB: Hey everybody its BB Mize here, Iím coming at you with a little project, a Paracord project. The project Iím going to make today just to show you what I used my scraps for, as you see I have a whole bag full of scraps that I keep. I like to make these a little Paracord guys, little Paracord buddies, whatever you want to call them. I got the idea off of YouTube and I canít find the link for them, but I find it when I finish this video, Iíll put it down on the bottom.

I saw a guy make these, oh man, a couple months back. Man itís like thatís cool. I thought that would be a good thing to use my scraps for, my little girl loves them, and she gives them away to her friends. This one is our Paracord hunter buddy, heís got his hunter orange on and his camouflage pants on. I make a lot of them also for high school teams, college teams for a bunch of kids. The kids at my church and youth program, they love them as well.

Iím going to show you how to make one real quick just using some scraps that you may have lying around. The first thing youíre going to need of course are some scraps. The short end, the short version usually around 10 inches or so that becomes the legs and then the longer piece I use to get the torso and the arms. For the head though, these beads like you see here, you can buy a whole big tub of these beads at Wal-Mart in the craft section for a just a few dollars.

What I do sometimes as you can tell the holes arenít big enough, I just use my needle nose pliers to ream that out. You can use either size or what have you. I just take a long pair of needle nose. I actually picked these up in the fishing section that I use and I just put it on there and twist and it will clean that out and make it bigger, just like that. As you can see now the Paracord will fit through there and Iíll show you how to do that in a minute. Youíre going to need a pair of needle nose and for another reason, a bead, pair of scissors, a lighter, your Paracord of course, a piece of dental floss or I just the inner strand of a Paracord, and then something to hook it to, into these little hooks, a split ring. I like these little split rings, these are real nifty. Again I bought these a whole pack, a sorted pack from Wal-Mart, just a few bucks. Everybody seems to like these then clip them on and off their key chains, their lanyards, or what have you.

Letís get into it. First thing I do is I take my cord and I approximately figure out where I want the feet. The first thing I do is I go ahead and tie mid foot. Iím going to clip this lighter, singe it, and clean it up. Then I will try to guestimate here; letís just use this one as an example. Weíll knot the foot right about there. Iím just going to go ahead and tie that off like that. Letís look at that, itís about right, and Iíll back like I said and clip that. Well now I have to get the head on first before I put on anything else. The way I do that, is I take that Paracord inner strand or that dental floss and I feed it through like so. Iím trying to get up here closer to where you can see like so. Then I take the bead and feed that through until Iíve got it like that. Now sometimes you can pull it straight down and it will go right one. Other times what Iíll have to do, if itís a tight fit, is Iíll actually take my needle nose, grab the end of it and wrap it around, and then pull that down on there. It gives me a little bit of leverage.

All right I pull it down a little bit, make sure my feet are aligned, take that out. I take my split ring, my hook, or whatever Iím using. I use my need nose again as you can see there to open it up, put it through, pull it, and then pull up. Oops, sorry and pull up until its right about there like that. Now for the split ring you do the same way. You just go ahead and take this off like so. I take the split ring. Iím lazy so Iím going to use my need nose here. Hold those just a second. Iím trying to do this at an angle, so you can see it. All right open that up, put that through and just feed it through. Then just give it just a little bit so that it will feed all the way through without snagging just like that.

Okay, now I take my long cord and thereís two ways to do this, you can do either a single cobra or a king cobra. If you do the king cobra start up here at the head, work down, and then back up, that gives it a beefier torso. I like to just do the single, so Iíll just do a simple cobra knot, like so. All right, Iíll do that three maybe four times depending on how long Iíve got the legs made. If you donít know how to do a cobra knot I suggest you research it on the net on the YouTube, it will show you how to do that. Itís very simple; just go over, over, under, and through, like so. Thereís a lot of good websites out there, a lot of good YouTube videos that will show you how to do that. I think IĎll do it one more.

Okay when I pull that up toward the head there like so and then Iíll take my scissors and Iíll trim. First thing Iím going to do is trim the feet. Iím just going to trim it close to the knot, and Iím going to take my lighter, and go ahead singe that, there. The way I do this is I fold it over and these are just a little bit past the other arm, this one I want to cut. Now you could, I have seen it before where they just tie a knot just like they did the feet, but personally I like to keep it like this, so cut it there and letís say right about there, go ahead and singe that together. Flip them over and do the other one.

If you make the arms too long you can always trim them okay. A little bit more. There you go, thereís your little Paracord buddy. One suggestion though, especially if youíre making it for kids or for anyone like that, this tends to sometimes want to come loose if youíre not careful, because normally when you do a cobra you cut it and singe it off here. I just take some inexpensive superglue and Iíll just put a little dot right in here, flip it over, put another little dot right in there and I find that is perfect enough to keep that from coming loose. There you have yourself a little Paracord keychain buddy that you can give as a gift or what have you. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have any questions or comments, put them in the comments sections below, and Iíll be happy to answer them for you. Until next time see you later. Bye now.
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