The Oak Spike Sinnet Paracord Bracelet Instructions

Posted by Stacy on 2/26/2013

Another great howto video from MrCoop1967.  I quickly made one of these for myself after watching, it may become my new favorite design.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUPRP4E2f8Q?rel=0&w=640&h=360]


Coop: Hey, guys. Coop here. Today Iím going to show you a new knot that Iíve learned. Of course, I learn most of my knots from JD over at Tying It All Together. Heís got some awesome videos, guys. I suggest everybody go over and check him out. As most people know, JD makes a lot of fabulous bracelets, but he doesnít make any bracelets using buckles. He makes all of his ball and loop, which there is nothing wrong with that. For people who donít have paracord jigs or would like to make them ball and loop, he has the perfect videos for that. You guys know that Iím more on the retail part of it. I like to sell the bracelets and stuff, so most people would rather have a buckle. Thatís why I use buckles.

I came across a new knot that heís got over there. Itís a new knot to me. Heís had it out for a while. Itís the oat spike sinnet knot. Itís kind of a cross between a fishtail and a piranha knot, but I really like it. I think it adds another look, another unique bracelet to your inventory. I just like the way the bracelet comes out. Itís a little bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it and get rolling with it, itís easy. Anyway, guys, itís taken me a couple of days to figure out how to do this to where I can incorporate the buckles into it. I finally think Iíve got it figured out, so weíre going to go ahead and do you a tutorial on it. Sit back. Enjoy. I hope you learn something. I hope itís a new bracelet that you like. Weíll get started.

As you guys know, I start all my bracelets with just an easy cinch knot on the bottom bracelet. I go through, bring the loop around, and pull my two strands up through the center of it and cinch it down. I plug it into my jig, and then, of course, I come up. I go from behind, out the top, and there we go. Now, to start this knot off weíre going to do this in two colors. Weíre going to do it in yellow and black. Hereís my yellow cord. Weíll get right into it. What I do is I put my yellow cord right up top there. Come across with my core material, and Iím just going to tie an ordinary overhand knot behind it. This will lock your yellow into your bracelet, and it will also keep your core of your bracelet nice and tight.

This is how we start. Okay, guys, letís dive right into this. Now that youíve got your bracelet all set up and ready to make, itís pretty simple. We just start off. Take the yellow, pull it over, take the black. Always start on the right side. Push it over to the right side. Take the left slide and put it over to the left side. All right. Right there is where you should be looking so far. Now, what we do is we take the bottom of the right side yellow Ė this piece right here Ė and now hereís the tricky part. See the core there? We go right down through the core. We do the same thing on the left side. Go right down through the core. This is whatís going to lock your knot to the core of your bracelet. Thatís what you should have right there.

We just slowly tighten it up. I want to make sure that everything is nice and straight. Now we repeat the process. We take the yellow. We come over the black. Weíve got it here in the middle. We take the black on the right side and throw it over. Take the black on the left side and throw it over. Weíve got the right side yellow. Grab the end of it. We go through here, through the hole, and back around the outside.

Guys, I know this looks tedious, but trust me. When you get to making a few of these, once you get into about the fourth of fifth knot, man, this thing will start rolling quick for you. Once again, thatís how it should look right there, guys. You just grab both ends and pull her up. Iíll do a couple of more knots with you, and then weíll pick up when I get to the end of it and show you how to finish it off. Take them both over to the middle. Right side goes to left side. Left side goes to right side. Right side yellow goes right there. Left side yellow same thing, right there in the core. Weíll do it one more time, and then Iím going to pause over until we get to the end of the bracelet.

By the way, guys, Iím making a nine and a half inch bracelet here. When I get done, Iíll measure the amount of cord. If I forget to tell you about it in the video, Iíll put it in the description box down below, how many feet youíll need to make it. Okay. Try to keep your paracord from knotting up on you. Itíll just make your bracelet a lot more appealing and a lot more attractive to your customers. All right, guys. I think youíve got the hang of that so far. Iíll pick up back with you when we get to the end.

Okay, guys. Now that we get down to this part of it, this is the time where you need to put your paracord fids on there. It just helps the process. You donít need them, but it helps a lot. If you have a pair of forceps or a pair of needle nosed pliers, theyíll work just as well. This just makes things a whole lot easier. We just keep basically doing the same knot. Going over, over, left side over. This is where the fids come in handy, guys. Right side goes right down through there, and the left side goes right down through there. When you get to this stage of it is where everything starts getting tight.

I donít think we can make another one, but letís try. It would be nice if we could make another one, another loop. Go right through there. It would tighten everything up really, really snug. Go right through there. Uh-oh. Jim missed one of his blacks there. Thatís easy. We just stick it through there. There we go. Thatís the end of it, guys. Now, to finish it off weíre just going to pop it off. Hereís, again, where your fids come in handy. Weíre going to run this thing through this loop here. There we go. Thereís one. Try not to get your black underneath. Once you get it, just push her on through.

This is whatís going to lock the yellow off. Of course, we cut it as close as we can. Well, letís just wait on cutting it until we get the other one through there and make sure we have the other one all the way through before we cut it. Get it where youíre not sticking through the paracord, and there it is. Push it through. Now we have the two of them locked in there. Weíll go ahead and cut them. Sorry for the camera jitter, guys. Just like on a lot of my bracelets, when I tuck them, I donít singe them on the back. Just cut them as short as you can. You singe them that might cause a little irritation for the person wearing it. On the ones that I have that are going to be up against the skin I try not to singe. Just let it fray, and that way it wonít cause any irritation on peopleís skin.

All right. For the last part of the black, Iím just going to take it and overhand knot. Lock it right in on that buckle right like so. This one I am going to singe because this piece here is going to keep that singe part from actually touching the personís wrist. Just lock it in there. Do the same thing on the other side. There we go. Iím not going to singe them a whole lot, but Iím going to singe them just a little bit to kind of get a little bit of the Ė that way itís still soft and it wonít hurt anybody. Clean it up a little bit, and there you go, guys.

Thatís the oak Ė no. I canít remember the name of it right now. Anyway, itís a sinnet knot. I hope you guys have learned something. Like I said, JD at Tying It All Together, his link for his video will be down below. If you guys are making bracelets and donít have the buckles and want to use the ball and loop system to lock it on your wrist, go over and check him out. Super nice guy. Very talented man. This is my interpretation of it, as you guys can see, with the buckles. There it is. Letís see if she fits. More camera wobble. Sorry about that, guys. I usually wear a nine and a quarter, guys, so nine and a half is just a little big on me, but it isnít a big deal. Thatís how she looks, guys.

All right. If you guys want to put your comments and questions down below, Iíd be more than happy to answer them. Like I said a hundred times, guys, I really appreciate you guys watching my videos and supporting my channel. It means a lot to me. If it wasnít for you guys, there would be no Mr. Coop. We have the Facebook page up and going now. The link for that will be down below. If you guys want to run over and take a look and hit the ďlikeĒ button, feel free. If you donít like what you see, you just wasted a couple minutes of your time. With all that being said, my friends, olí Coop is going to say Coop out.
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