Square or Box knot with 550 Paracord ( How To )

Posted by Stacy on 4/16/2013

This is a good know to use for key chains, lanyards or just adding a little extra paracord to your pack or bug out bag. This knot is easy to do and easy to take apart again.


Square or Box knot with 550 Paracord Speaker 1: Hey guys, I’m just going to upload a quick video on how to make a square or box knot just so that you can make it from 550 cord and put it on your pack, or however you want, make key chains, stuff like that. It’s pretty easy.

Here, I’ve got two two-foot pieces of 550 parachute cord. Burn the ends and flatten it out so you don’t have to worry about fraying issues. Take your first piece, put it together here so you can find the middle. Take your right … this is the way I do it … take your right hand, right index finger, wrap it around one time so that you have your one close to you, one further away from you. Hold it kind of tight. Take your next piece, slip it under both rings, just like that.

Now find the middle by just pulling it tight and [Inaudible 00:01:26]. Now what you’re going to do is take the string that’s off to your right. It’s going to go over the right loop and under the left loop. Then you’re going to take your left string. It’s going to go over the left loop and under the right loop. Now, you’ll see there’s kind of a somewhat of an “S”. You’ve got your loop here, your loop here, and then it kind of “S”’s through. You kind of pull them a little tight. Bring your one farthest away … that one’s your top … kind of pinch them together, then slide it off your finger.

Now, all you’ve got to do is just tighten them up. Take each side, just push your thumbs and forefinger in. Pull this out, give it a little tug. There’s your base, all right? Now, all you’ve got to do is take the left one over, right one over. Your top one will come over and under, over and then under. Just pull that tight, all these, and the same thing again. Use the thumb and forefingers, push it in. I like to get them in … try to get them nice and tight. That’s what gives you this real tight weave, where it’s not going to be real bend-y or have a lot of gaps in there, so that it won’t unravel on you or become too soft.

Now, once more, we’ll just show you this, over, over this one. We’ll now go over and under, over and then under. Again, tighten everything up. You can see, it’s starting to take shape. Then you just continue that same process until you get down to the very end, or wherever you want to stop. Then from there, I’ll show you on this completed one how to finish up your box knot, or square knot, whatever. People call it different things.

All right, so you see how this takes shape pretty fast. Once you get down to the end, there’s several different ways to do it. I just do it the simplest way. Take your two ends, basically, come over. You’ll tie a knot here. Then I just take and tie a knot. Take opposite strands. You tie your knots. Tie them real super-tight, and then you’re going to … so I’ll just do this here. Tie them as tight as you can, and you’re going to clip them off as close to the body of your weave that you want. Next, you’ll just take a match, burn the end right there. Put your fingers in some water as soon as you get it nice and melted. I just take and just tap it like that, with my finger wet. It’ll singe it … or not singe … it will singe the nylon and it will mushroom out and actually adhere itself to the rest of the nylon, you can see there. See, you can see there, it just melts right to itself.

Now it won’t come out and it’s adhered to itself, and you’re done. All right? I just thought I’d throw it up real quick and see what you guys thought, if you guys want to make one. All right, have a good day.
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