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Posted by Stacy on 1/31/2013

Our friend bps7us1 on Youtube did a video overview of some of the products from Schmuckatelli (www.scskulls.com).  At Paracord Store, we carry only one kind of scull, but the size of the scskulls product line is amazing.  If you're into hanging skulls off your paracord, I strongly recommend checking them out.


Speaker 1: Whatís up? Iím coming at you today with an exciting new company and product line that I want to tell you about. Scmuckatelli company, otherwise scskulls.com which I will definitely put a link for you down below, is an exciting new company that Iím here to tell you about. They are selling lanyard beads with exotic finishes and exotic materials that I think all you knife and all you paracord people out there will definitely appreciate and like.

Iím here to show you what you see in front of you there and give you an overview about what I think about this company and everything Iíve learned about them. Scmuckatelli, the name, where it comes from, the owner and his buddies would joke around when they were younger. If you werenít sure about the answer to a question, the line was, ĎWell, why donít you go ask Joe Scmuckatelli?í That was a private joke and then it also has a Marine Corps. history. If youíre a private or a puke, youíre otherwise known as a Schmuckatelli: ĎHey, Schmukatelli, give me $20.í

Itís a cool name there, cool history. They are also linked up with Ernest Emerson, which this is my Emerson Specwar, camouflaged out here that you can hardly see. Everybody out there in the knife world knows the name Ernest Emerson, and the owner of this company actually trains with Ernest Emersonís martial arts seminars. He does some of the training for that. He is a 6th degree black belt, which is master level, in Hapkido and he trained in Muay Thai under the world champion, David Blocker.

This guyís for real. Heís an avid knife collector, martial artist, like I said. Very cool guy, right up our alley, guys. When it comes to what they sell, they do have a small selection of elite custom knives, but their main product is what you see here in front of you which is lanyards and beads. Skulls, Tiki gods from Hawaii, which are very cool, Iíll tell you about, as well as some Patrick Ober custom titanium stuff like this blue bead here, which Ö he is an armorer and he makes chain mail designed jewelry as well as beads and some of this kind of stuff.

Letís jump right into showing you some of the products here. Guys I want you to know this is not Chinese made lead stuff. This is pewter, brass, solid brass, solid bronze, titanium and then some of them are the pewter plated. They use real precious metals like rhodium, 18 carat gold. Itís five or six times thicker, which is 12 to 15 mil, than your typical plated jewelry. Itís a very tough coating. The titanium products come in either a natural finish, like you see here, or in the anodized blue slash purple color.

Like I said, letís hop in to just looking at some of these and talk about each one individually. This one is Coo, and this one is black oxidized. Coo, letís get you in focus here, is one of the Hawaiian gods, and Coo is the god of war. Had this lighting, Iím not practiced here. There you go. Coo is the god of war; this one is black oxidized, so you see some of the natural color showing through the black as well as the black. Itís just really a nice finish, and I think those are just really cool. Not a lot of information on them out there, and for me, Iím an Ancient Aliens fan and these kind of make me think of that.

Thatís Coo, and heís a Tiki god. This is also Coo, this one is in natural pewter, shouldnít need the light here. The pewter is really nice looking, and like most pewter it has shiny and dark areas. They are just really nicely finished all over. Really like the Coo beads, and I really like the pewter finish.

This is the first skull Iím going to show you. This is the new one, called the cyber. Guys, this is not even on their website. Letís get the light back out. This one isnít even on their website yet, and to me, is an alien elongated skull, which I think is just really cool. Really, really nice rich detail all over. Nice big holes, which I will be showing you later, definitely fit two pieces of paracord through them, just really cool. He kind of has predator type fangs, really nice.

Letís see. This one is Ona, a Hawaiian god, a Tiki god. Ona is the god of cocktails for all you drinkers out there. This guy is the god of cocktails, really cool. Really like those Tiki faces, richly detailed, richly three dimensional, really nice finish everywhere, really cool.

Let me show you one that I put on a knife now. This is my Emerson Specwar, which I had a bad idea of spray painting it a few years back. I went ahead and put a lanyard on it with Odi green and orange, and this is also a cyber. This one is pewter. I really like that. You can see the silvery spots and it actually has pupils in there. Really cool in that one, just to show you what itís like on a knife.

As well as, this is the first Patrick Ober bead that Iíll show you. This one is titanium, anodized blue, blue / purple. I really like this one. This one would fit right in on a high class folding knife like a Sebenza, or any Chris Reeves or any nice knife youíve got, really. It definitely would match any blues nicely, purples, really cool if you want to see some incredible titanium work, Google Patrick Ober.

This one is the Tiki god Kiko, and Kiko is the god of sarcasm for all you smart alecs out there. Heís really cool. Heís sticking out his tongue, like ha ha. Iíll get the light out on him. Where did my little sleeve go? This guyís black oxidized, sorry about that. I really like the black oxidized. Thatís why youíll see a few of them. He is just so cool. Really like that. Nice large holes like I said, really well finished, really consistent finish all over him. Moving right along, this one is Coo again, the god of war. This one is actually hematite, which is really cool. Itís a really consistent grey finish with some blacks here and there, really really cool. Really like that guy, really richly detailed.

Letís show you another Patrick Ober piece here. This is a lanyard I threw on that would match. Thatís just wicked. This one would also make a nice necklace, but I think it looks like a really wicked tail hanging off a nice custom knife like this one, really cool, high quality materials.

Letís go on to this one. This is Ona, again the god of cocktails. This one is black oxidized, really cool. Get the light for a second. Yeah, check that guy out, really cool. Letís see. This is the 18 carat gold. This is the classic skull, which has a really interesting story. I want to share briefly with you at the end of this video a couple of stories and then give you the short version on this video. Iím actually going to do some individual videos telling you guys the stories on some of these.

This one is really cool. This is the bright hematite finish and this is the Kiko again, which is the god of sarcasm. This one and the gold, both so shiny they just wonít focus very well on my camera. I apologize to you guys.

This one is the only one Iíve got of this. This is the rose, and that one has a really interesting story. The rose and Iíll just briefly tell you, is an homage to a Spaniard story. A story about a Spaniard who was courting a girl in a bar and he was going to dance with her. He had a rose in his teeth and four Frenchmen confronted him and ended up fighting with him and with a false edged sword, he fought them all off, won the fight, all four guys and still had the rose in his mouth.

They all have some really cool history behind them, and I wasnít aware of that until I started really looking into it. Again this oneís a Kiko in natural pewter, which I really like. Really cool, they use 100 percent lead free pewter, and like I said, American made.

This is an other bullet, or spear, made by Patrick Ober, and this one is actually the natural titanium finish and would make a really cool necklace. This one is the mine skull. Now this oneís cool, guys, natural pewter. Itís a skull and then it has mini skulls all over it, really cool, really cool.

Then letís show you this one. This is another Ona, god of cocktails, and this one is actually roman brass oxidized finish, which is super cool, really nice, rich details, guys. Look at that guy.

All right, and then this one I thought Iíd bring to life for you and share the story briefly of this guy. This guy is Grins. Most everybody watching and most everyone on the planet has heard of Blackbeard, and has heard reference to the Jolly Roger, the Jolly Roger of course being the pirate flag. Blackbeard had a slave on his ship. His name was Roger. They gave him the English name Roger Coffin because when they found him in the slave ship he was laying with his arms crossed down like he was in a coffin, so they named him Roger Coffin.

He had big huge teeth, and he would grin from ear to ear, and he had bushy red hair. They started calling him Grins, and Jolly Roger. The story goes that there was an attempted mutiny on Blackbeardís ship, and Grins walked over with his harpoon very casually, stuck the guy, tossed him over the side of the ship and grinned ear to ear and gave old Blackbeard a toast. Blackbeard really had a keen interest in this fellow, and thatís where the whole story and the name Jolly Roger even comes from. This one pays homage to him, and again I wish my camera could get that a little better, but man this oneís cool. I made a little paracord body with that, saw that on my buddyís channel the other day, really, really cool. Guys, I hope youíll go check this company out. Iím going to put a link down below. With these beads here, just to let you know, thereís going to be a giveaway on my channel coming soon. Some of these beads will be involved in that. Some of these are already going out to YouTube friends, and you know who you are, and I know youíll do a great job of showing them too.

Thank you, guys, for watching. Please go check out this company, show them some support. Show a USA company that we want them making products in the USA and not China, and show them some love. Thanks again for watching, guys, have a great day.
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