Purple Micro Cord 125 Foot Spool

Purple Micro Cord 125 Foot Spool

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Micro Cord is truly an amazing product, and can be invaluable in a survival situation. Whether you use Micro Cord as a hobby, for outdoor activities, or for potential survival situations, ours will certainly fit your needs.

Our Micro Cord is manufactured in the United States by government (GSA) contractors.

Thousands of people use our Micro Cord for crafting. A simple Micro Cord bracelet, keyfob, belt, etc can contain yards of cord that can be quickly unraveled for use in a survival situation. These crafts are an interesting hobby that produce attractive and useful handmade items. Quarter shown for size.

Ideas on how to use our Purple Micro Cord

Purple is a truly unique color, blending shades of red and blue to create an entirely new shade. It spans a number of representations, from creativity to royalty. It can also represent spirituality, eccentricity or mystical beings or items.

Purple can also have a psychological or mental effect on people. It can encourage creativity or it can uplift a person's mood. For some, purple is a calming color that soothes the mind and the nerves. For others, purple may help them feel more spiritual.

The state of Hawaii, which has given each island its own official color, is the only state in the U.S. who uses purple as an official color. Purple is the official color of the Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i.

Purple is also relatively rare in the professional world of sports. Two NFL teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings, use purple as an official color.

Meanwhile, four teams in the NBA use purple as an official color: the Los Angeles Lakers, the New Orleans Hornets, the Phoenix Suns and the Sacramento Kings.

Only one team in Major League Baseball (MLB), the Colorado Rockies, has purple as an official color.

A small number of major colleges and universities have chosen purple as their official color. This includes Kansas State University, Louisiana State University, Clemson University, James Madison University and the University of Washington.

Fun Facts About Purple

In a number of countries, including Japan, purple represents great wealth and high positions.

Purple is the color of the highest denomination poker chip, which is $5,000.

Purple is also the first color ever made from dye by a man. It was originally called mauveine and was made from coal tar.

Despite it not being a primary color, purple shows up regularly in nature, particularly in gemstones. Amethyst, lolite, lavender quartz, ametrine, lepidolite, sugilite and selenite are all naturally purple stones.

People who drive purple vehicles are said to be creative individuals who are truly original.

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