Public Service Announcement: Paracord Boot Lace DANGER!

Posted by Stacy on 2/4/2013

A good point, soak your paracord and let it dry before making laces from them.  Paracord will shrink a little and over the length of boot laces it can be noticable and enough to damage your boots.


Speaker 1: Hello this is the backwoods survivor, Im just doing a quick video on my bootlaces and what Ive learned making them or changing them. Pretty much the bootlaces that were on here got ripped, they broke whatever it was, so I replaced it with Paracord. Paracord shrinks when gets wet, so I wear these in the winter most of the time, so a lot of snow and stuff, slush, they get wet, and then they shrink, I didnt not realize this and now I have big holes in the toes of my boots, because they shrank so much that they pulled up on the stitching and they put holes in it. Im just putting this video out to warn and also semi-try Paracord for bootlaces, shrink the Paracord first, get it wet, soak it water overnight whatever, and then put on your boots, dont put on your boots without shrinking them down, because they will get giant holes and that sucks. Okay just a quick warning, so this was the backwoods survivor. Thank you for watching. God bless, signing out.
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