Pink Micro Cord 125 Foot Spool

Pink Micro Cord 125 Foot Spool

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Micro Cord is truly an amazing product, and can be invaluable in a survival situation. Whether you use Micro Cord as a hobby, for outdoor activities, or for potential survival situations, ours will certainly fit your needs.

Our Micro Cord is manufactured in the United States by government (GSA) contractors.

Thousands of people use our Micro Cord for crafting. A simple Micro Cord bracelet, keyfob, belt, etc can contain yards of cord that can be quickly unraveled for use in a survival situation. These crafts are an interesting hobby that produce attractive and useful handmade items. Quarter shown for size.

Ideas on how to use our Pink Micro Cord

Pink is happy, invigorating color. Bright shades of pink, such as neon pink represent fun, excitement and youthfulness. Meanwhile, less vibrant shades of pink can denote passion, desire or lightheartedness. Pink can also bring back memories of carefree days or childhood.

Psychologically speaking, pink can do many things to a person. It can stimulate energy and drive. Some people may have a physical reaction to the color pink such as an increase in heart beat or pulse rate. Pink can spark feelings of confidence or provoke someone to get in action.

In Hawaii, each island has its own official color. The official state color of Maui, perhaps the most well known Hawaiian Island, is pink. Hawaii is the only state in the United States to use pink as an official color.

Meanwhile, the University of North Dakota is the only major university to use pink as one of its official colors.

Interesting Facts About the Color Pink

Though many people associate the color pink with femininity, in Japan, the color pink has a more masculine association. Pink cherry trees, when they bloom in Japan, represent the falling of young Samurai soldiers.

In another Asian culture, the Chinese word for pink translates to "foreign color" because they did not recognize the color pink until after contact with Western cultures was established.

Some sports teams go to great lengths to psych out their opposing teams, which could include painting the locker team of the other team a shade of pink.

The color pink causes some people to crave sugar.

Some popular phrases use pink as a description, though not necessarily as a color. For example, to be tickled pink means that you are happy; whereas seeing a pink elephant may mean you are having a hallucination.

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Brand: ParacordStore
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