Paracord Daisychain

Posted by Stacy on 4/11/2013

Looking for a way to Store you paracord? Watch this tutroial to learn a neat technique for making a daisy chain to store paracord.


Speaker 1: Whatís up guys? This is a quick video. Someone asked me how I basically store my paracord in small manageable links and I thought it was pretty common practice to Daisy chain rope. I checked YouTue and apparently all the videos that are out there are pretty much crap. I didnít find one video that I felt was really good as far as Daisy chaining any piece of cord, but for our interest of purposes we will be Daisy chaining paracord.

This is about a 20 foot strand of paracord and 20 foot is a pretty standard link, thatís what I usually try to carry because you can do a lot with 20 foot. But to keep it manageable, what Iíll do is basically find the halfway point, which is pretty self explanatory, find the halfway point and find the halfway point once again, so now you have the two lose ends and the original halfway point and I will pinch these two with my left hand and Iíll put my finger in between these two strands and find the halfway point once again.

Now that Iím at the quarter mark, what I do is I take my fingers and I spread the two ends apart like this and I make whatís technically called a girth hitch. Thatís what this is and itís very simple to do, Iíll do it again. Take your thumb and forefinger, drape the pieces over your thumb and forefinger, pinch them together down here and I twist my hand around like that and pinch my fingers together and that forms a girth hitch. I pull the girth hitch through, now I have a loop. What Iím going to do with this loop right here, stick again my thumb and forefinger through the loop and Iím going to pick the length of paracord up, all four strands and put them into my fingers and pull that length of paracord through the loop. Iím going to repeat that process over and over and over again until I get all the way to the end of this piece of paracord. Sorry I donít have brightly colored paracord to work with so you can see it better, but you can make do with this. I believe you can do it.

All right, now that Iím approaching the end of this 20 foot strand, this is the last piece. Final step is you do just like every other loop through except you pull it all the way through and thatís it. Now thereís no knots in this, itís 20 foot paracord right here in your hands. This is really easy to conceal in any bag and itís easy to deploy. To get this, if you needed this strand of paracord at full length, you pull the tucked in piece through and you just pull and it all just comes out tangle free, thereís no unwinding a hank, thereís nothing. Now I have 20 foot of paracord to work with. There you go guys, I hope that cleared that up and maybe helped some of you out. As always, thanks for watching and stay tuned because I got really good stuff coming up. Anyway, if you havenít done so already, subscribe and again, thanks for watching.
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