Making a Paracord Sling Part 2

Posted by Stacy on 1/31/2013
his is the second and final video of how to make a paracord sling. Enjoy and go out there and make one yourself!


David: Now what Iíve done is Iíve gone just past the nails about two or three passes. Those are the center nails that are giving me the center of my diamond shape. What we want to do now is take off the three ends and combine them together. Let me show you how to do that. Iím just going to move this loop in to the center and Iím going to move the other loop in to the center as well. That will give me my final pass over at the end. Iím going to continue to weave now that Iíve got that done. The weaving gets a little tighter in here because you are at a very tight point, youíre stretched out. It takes a few minutes to go ahead and get the things in there. We are going to continue weaving down to the end. When we get down to the end we will be back with you to show you how to finish this off.

Now weíve finished the basic weave and what we are going to do is weíre going to slide these off of here and straighten out our warps so we have those. You can see one, two, and three and just finish tightening this down a little bit. This is going to actually loosen back up in a minute but we are going to tighten that up for a minute, just to get it so itís away from that.

You can see the hole there through the three loops that are left and what we are going to do now is exactly the same thing that we did in the beginning. We are going to bring our cordage around, weíre going to come through the cordage; so basically a little half-hitch. Then, we are going to go back down through that hole where all those warps are. Right through that hole; we are actually going to come up through it. Let me get the end of the cord here. We are going to come up right through where that hole is and pull that tight. Once we pull all that tight, thatís gonna make a self-locking loop right there thatís gonna be the other end of our sling. Now, I can take the sling off. Itís virtually done. What Iím going to do now is just pull everything down nice and even. Weíve got all the warps and all the whiffs even and you can see, as it starts itís forming a real nice little pocket there that we can use for a sling. The only thing left to do with this, is because we have, now this will even out the loops will all get even as you use the sling over time but you just do a little pulling and a little molding and get that right nice in there. You can see that itís self-locked and everything is tight on there. This is going to be the inside of our sling and we will be able to use that to hold nice size rocks. Again, this is about a 3.5 inch to 4.0 inch finished by about 1.5 inches.

There we have it. We have a nice basket. Itís finished off. Itís locked so itís not going to go anywhere. This end has about 3 foot of cordage and on this end, what weíre going to do is simply tie a slipknot. That slipknot will allow us to put this over our fingers you saw in the video, and tighten it down and hold it in place. On the other end, weíre going to get this so that itís the same length. Now, we are just going to take out our knife and cut this off. Again, this is a little longer than I would prefer but itís okay.

Then weíve got the same amount of cordage on both ends and on this end, we are going to tie a simple overhand knot. It doesnít have to be anything fancy; just enough to put between your fingers. I prefer about 1.5 foot to 2.0 foot sling, so I would cut these cords down to this. I am actually going to give this sling away to a close friend of mine Dave Canabary, so Dave, this is yours. You saw it made right here and you will get this in the mail in just a few days and youíll be blessed with it. Use it well and enjoy it.

Thank you all for joining us on this video. I hope that youíve learned and that IĎve made the instructions clear enough. This isnít anything difficult but it does take a little bit of time and a little bit of practice just to get all of the whiffs and warps lined up right.

This is David Wendell with Push Craft on Fire. We appreciate you being with us and hope that youíve learned something with this video. Thank you very much for the support that youíve given us and the channel. We appreciate it and ask that if these are beneficial to you that you go ahead and spread the word to your friends as well. Hope you have a great day. Join us again for another video. If anybody is interested in these slings and doesnít want to make them, we will be making these available. If you get in touch with me you can get this sling for $20 plus shipping and handling. That would be something that we would be honored to do for you. Just let us know. You have a great day and we will see you soon!
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