Making a Five Colored Paracord Bracelet Part 1

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013

Very clear and easy to follow tutorial on this bracelet.  It's a great idea if you need or want several colors in the same bracelet.

Part two will be coming soon.  Follow us on twitter, Facebook, or G+ so you don't miss it!


Speaker 1: Hello there YouTube and maybe Google Plus, weíll see. Today I figured Iíd finally decided to make the video on how to make a five colored paracord bracelet. This is the one I made that I showed in a previous video, and it is blue, neon yellow, for focus. There you go, neon yellow, neon orange, red and neon pink. I was just experimenting, I was using the brightest colors so itís kind of messing with my camera a little bit. Today I wanted to show you how to actually make it.

What youíre going to need in the first place is going to be scissors, any kind or a knife if you have a sharp enough knife. I donít like using a knife because itís usually doesnít turn out that pretty. You need a lighter, any type will do. Itís probably best for the jet lighters, those seem to work a lot better. Of course, a nice trusty ruler or tape measure and then of course your five colors. For the five colors Iíve picked today, itís actually going to be for a friend, that he wanted these colors, is black, olive drab green, weíve got the white, blue and red.

What you want to do is figure out what your colors are going to be before you start making it, because youíll need the inner strand, which Iím using the blue for this example. Say I have this piece, youíre going to need one ten inch piece, so this is ten inch. Then the same for the other side, so youíll need two ten inch pieces. I use ten inches just to be safe, you can probably get away with eight or nine. Thereís those two, then for the inner part, which is pink in this case, this is what locks it together.

Itís going to need to be probably around, to be safe Iíd say about 24 inches. Iíve done it 20 inches and 22 inches, it seems to be kind of close. In this case itís going to be red, so this would be the middle. Thatís 24 inches. Then youíre going to need two strands of three to four feet, in my case I used three and a half, which is the black and the olive drab green. On this bracelet, let me find it, it is the neon yellow and neon orange. Once you have those colors picked out, you should be set to make the five color paracord bracelet. The fun part is getting the size. Iím not very good at that point, so I wonít exactly show you, sorry. My friendís wrist, he said this one fits pretty good on him, so Iím going to make it slightly bigger because he has bigger wrists than me, and I have a feeling this is going to be too tight. What you want to do is you want to get your inner color, which is the 24 inch piece, two feet, and youíre going to want to grab both these ends and come to about here. Fold it over, fold it this way, so you have this almost bow looking thing, and fold these two pieces down and through.

Then youíre going to come around and tighten it like that. Since Iím using this one for an example, itís slightly big so Iím going to come from this end and Iím going to tie it this way. That will bring the knot closer. Letís measure it again. Slightly big still, so letís pull it this way. Still a little too big actually, so Iím going to take these two pieces and slightly pull them out, just a little bit, as you can see. Instead of pulling from both ends like this, youíre going to want to grab it from the top and pull it this way. That will make this knot, like I said, come this way and make it a little bit smaller, which in my case I need.

That should be perfect. Iím going to tighten it from both ends, pull one string at a time if you want it really tight. There, we have the inner part. Iím not going to do it right now, but if you want, if you know itís going to be the right size Ö donít do this until probably after you Ö actually you know what, yeah, donít even worry about this part yet. Never mind. Forget I said that. Now, what youíre going to want to do after you have that is grab the two ten inch strings. Youíre going to want to pull out the inner strands so you have just the empty paracord, and then you can do whatever with these. I usually donít do anything with them, I just kind of store them in case I do need them. Yet again, I grab the inner parts and take it out. All right. Now you have the two empty pieces. Let me make sure itís focused, sorry guys. What youíre going to do is push it together and grab your lighter and just burn it. I usually lick my fingers so donít do it without getting your fingers at least wet or something because they will probably burn.

Make sure itís really flat, because that will come in handy later. You donít have to worry about the other end yet, because this end will be cut off in the end. Thatís one, and just do the same for the other one. Iím going to grab this one, Iím going to flatten it a little bit. Burn it, and yes I did lick my fingers again. Thatís just so it comes out nicer. There, so itís nice and flat, and yet again you donít have to worry about the other end. Iím sorry you guys, this video, itís going to be long, I might have to edit it if I have time to.

Thereís those two, and now you have in my case black and olive drab. Yet again I need to focus, sorry. What I do is instead of burning them together, I think that takes too much time, it might be easier for you. If youíre good at it, do it. Itís probably simpler, but I tie a square knot. Youíre going to want to, let me show you. Take one strand, go over and under, take that same strand, so this one, go over this piece and go under and just pull both ends. Now you have a square knot. Now youíre going to want to grab, say your red in my case, yet again.

I start from this end because if itís not the right size you can always adjust these and this, and that might not make sense but Iíll show you in the end. Youíre going to put one piece behind and go over. Sorry, Iím trying to hold it. You have one piece under, right, and now youíre going to take that same piece and come over. Let me just move all this stuff out the way. Go over, take the second piece, go over this strand, go under the whole bracelet and come through this piece.

Come through this piece and tighten it down. If it will let me tighten it, there we go. Iíll show you what to do in just a second. Tighten that, and then since this piece is on the inside and the black is on the outside, youíre going to start with this piece again. Youíre going to go over the bracelet, youíre going to take the black strand, go over the olive drab, under the back of the red, and through the olive drab. Thatís how your whole bracelet is pretty much going to be, the whole time.

What Iím going to do first is adjust this, where Ö actually I want to do one more strand first. Youíre going to take olive drab, go over, black, go over the olive drab, under the red and through the olive drab. Pull it through. Now you have these three strands, and pull it tight. Now what I usually do is I come back over to this side and see how they are just square knotted together? I make sure these are tight, this side, and undo this. Undo the second little tie, kind of pull it tight and now youíre going to want to get your scissors and or knife, and lighter.

Youíre going to cut close but not too close because you donít want to mess up. Thatís actually good right there. Kind of push on it, where it flattens it just a little bit. Now youíre going to want to grab your lighter, I usually hold it about this way. Burn it, I did it a little bit too far away so Iím going to burn it a little bit longer. I usually grab my scissors and push it down, that way I donít have to touch it. Now itís nice and melted down. Then I want to do the same to the other side. Grab your scissors again, cut it kind of close but not too close, yet again that was a little bit too far away. Letís see if I can cut a little bit more, thatís a mess.

Iíll just have to burn it. Grab your lighter again. Burn away. Burn it down. Get your scissors. Now itís nice and burnt again, and now what you want to do, oh thatís a nice mess on the table. Make sure the overhand knot you made fits through that loop. Fit these two strands through, and make sure it fits. If itís loose, adjust this up. Sorry, got to focus again. Adjust this up, just a little bit. Make sure you can still pull it through, so thatís a good fit. Itís not too tight, itís not too loose. Now you can undo one strand and this is where the fun part begins.

I know this videoís long, sorry guys. Iím just trying to show everything. Now what you want to do is, since this is the black side, Iím going to be using white. Iím going to put this piece right here, and youíre going to want to get the black, put it over the white and red, get the olive drab, put it over the black, under everything and through the black, all while holding that ten inch piece of paracord you have. In my case itís white. Youíre going to adjust it where itís in between, so that should be good. Donít tighten it just yet.

What youíre going to do is hold it and flip the whole thing over, so youíre on the other side. Youíre going to want to loosen, in my case, the olive drab and grab the blue, and put it through there like on the white side. Now you want to tighten it. Make sure itís nice and tight, so now you have both strands in there and tighten it down nice and good. That should be good.

For the next part youíre going to start the braiding process pretty much. Youíre going to take the olive drab, go under just the blue, so youíre going to be in between the blue and the red, and pull it all the way over here. Youíre going to take the black, go over the olive drab and youíre going to take this side and just go under the red so itís going to be in between the red and the white. Pull it through there. Now youíre going to pull it through the olive drab.

Let me get that here. Youíre going to want to tighten it down again. Okay. Thereís just one part of it done so far. Now for the next part, youíre going to take the olive drab, since Iím on olive drab green. See how the middleís olive drab, that means the olive drab is going to go over the blue and under, in between the white. Sorry guys Iím getting confused. You stay right here, youíre going to take the black, go over the olive drab, in between the red and white and youíre going to go through the olive drab with the black.

It will go through, come on. Now you have the olive drab over the blue and youíre supposed to have Ö sorry. The white is supposed to go in between the black and red. Youíre going to have the blue under the olive drab and the white under the black. Sorry guys, I donít know why I had a brain fart right then. What I do, is I make sure both of them are in between the red. As you can see, itís kind of I spread the red around a little bit. Hold it tight, make sure itís in between still, which it is, right in the middle, and tighten it down.

Now you have these, and youíre going to have to adjust it a lot, I found that out. Thatís one part of it. Now weíre going to repeat the process again. Weíre on the olive drab side, so olive drab, under the blue and over the red. Stay there, then youíre going to take the black, go over the olive drab, under the red and over the white. In between them, and then go through the olive drab. Now you have a nice little mess going. Youíre going to want to tighten it down. Make sure itís nice and tight and Iíve gotten nice blisters from this stupid thing because I over tightened it I think.

You have, see the whiteís over the black and the blue is over the olive drab. Now that youíre at this point, make sure theyíre in the middle again, you take the olive drab, go over everything. Take the black, go over the olive drab, over the white, so over everything, and through the olive drab again. Make sure everythingís in the middle, and tighten. Now you have Ö youíre going to have to adjust it again, youíre going to have to adjust it a lot, sorry. Unless you can find a better way. Then you have the black over the white again. Youíre going to keep repeating this process, so under blue, over red, black over olive drab, under white, between red, and through the olive drab. Pull, and tighten. Straighten it out a little bit. Sorry guys, this videoís going to be long but Iím doing whatever I can to show you how to make it. Yet again, now that itís been over it once, youíre going to want the olive drab to go over the blue, go over everything, black goes over olive drab, under everything, and then through the olive drab. Pull it through, tighten it just a little bit, kind of even it out.

You kind of twist a little bit. Even it out and tighten. Tighten it as soon as you can, that should be good. Youíre going to keep repeating this process until the end, and Iím going to stop this video right here, itís already 19 minutes long, and I will make a part two. I will come down to about here and show you what to do after that. See you for right now guys, Iíll be back in probably another 20 minutes.
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