Make fire with 550 paracord and a Bow Drill

Posted by Stacy on 2/12/2013

A good tutorial on how to make a bow drill to make fire.  The author uses 550 paracord for the bow string.



Speaker 1: Okay. You're going to see that working on the pignut hickory tree this time for our fire bow drill. These leaves here suggest you got seven leaves that grow plus one on the end here. It kind of gives me an idea. It looks like its hickory and also got some of these big pignut hickory nuts here. Perhaps maybe one of these could work as a bearing block maybe. Over here, actually it was pulling on one of these branches. This one here actually had just broken off just as I was pulling on it. Im wondering if some of this might make for a good kitchen fire material. This, I might be able to use this as a spindle or as a fire board. When we look around and see if we can find a bow and all the materials Ill need.

Okay, I fashioned my pignut hickory set so this is what I'm using here for my fire board which is one of the branches that I broke off the tree earlier. The spindle, same thing, one of those other branches just to get it to--I've already burned it in and cut in a notch. The wood does seem a little moist, so we'll see how that works out. What I'm going to try--I actually broke open one of these pignut seeds or nuts, or whatever. I actually plan to use one of these halves as a bearing block. We'll also how this works out. That and I also used the piece of oak for the bow and a regular pair of--or paracord for the bowstring, and let's give it a go.

Im using a palmetto hair or monkey fur for the tinder bundle. I've also been using grape vine leaves to actually tuck into the bearing block itself to kind of serve as a lubricant for the spindle. All right, we'll give it a try.

It's hard to tell. It looks good. I feel it smoking. Ive only done this once before with pignut hickory. This time it's actually done with freshly found materials. It looks like I got it. All right, awesome.
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