Make a Net With Paracord (Instructional Video )

Posted by Stacy on 2/26/2013

Nets are extremely useful for storage, packing, and more.  Paracord is not used in the video, but could be easily substituted for a higher strength net.

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Hey you guys, Darren with you here from East Woodland Survival. Today Iím going to go over a little bit of net-making. Itís a pretty simple process. I learned this back this summer. This is made out of jute. As you guys can see, I hope you guys can see that on camera, Iím going to go through the process of how to make these.

Nets are a pretty versatile item. You can use it as a gillnet for catching fish, you could use it to store goods in, use it like a big basket or something that you can put goods in, wrap the net up around it, and just all kinds of good uses. You can use it as a bird snare, hang it between where youíre seeing a lot of birds flying and hopefully get one entangled in your net. Itís a pretty versatile thing to know how to do. Itís pretty easy, pretty simple, and Iím going to try to simplify the process and show you how quick and easy you can do it, and the different materials you can use in a survival situation, or in any situation, really, if you want a net, just the materials you can use and how you can put everything together. Here are some things you can use to make a net. You can actually use paracord also. Iíve got some here, just regular simple paracord that you can use to make a net, make a really heavy-duty one. This is just some bank line, two different colors of bank line, and weíll do the net in the two different colors, that way you can see how the process goes together. You can use jute, you can use hemp, and even in a survival situation, you could make your own cordage. I made this up really quick. This is just out of yucca, just some yucca cordage. You can make a net out of that, also. Of course itís not going to be as strong as some of these other materials, but in a survival situation, youíre better off to do that, to try to make cordage, and if you need to make a gillnet or something, itís better than nothing.Letís get started. Iím going to show you how to set this up, and how to make a really simple net out of this bank line, green and black. Iíve just got a string tied across the two posts here that are holding my rawhide up thatís drying out. I thought that would make a good background where you can actually see the colors, the color difference and how these knots are made and things. Itís a pretty simple process.

Weíre going to start off, I'm going to make this one, it's about three feet across from point to point. Weíre going to start off with just some of this black bank line, and Iím going to cut a couple of feet off of it. Iím going to even it up at the bottom, and weíre going to come in and we're going to make a little larkís head. Letís see if I can zoom on this to show you the knot. Weíre going to come in and we're going to loop this over, right behind the string, just drop that over, and weíre going to take this inner part and I'm going to pull it through. Weíre just going to let this come in and form the larkís head. Youíre going to do that with another string. Iím going to use green just so I can show you the difference in the weaving. We're going to come in, depending on how wide you want your net to be. If you want it to be more narrow, you can push these together, or if you want it to be wider, you can stretch it out. Weíre going to make these about an inch apart or so. The next one is going to be a black one. Youíre going to complete this process all the way out, until you get the width that youíre wanting for your net. This doesnít have to be precise. Itís cool if you cut all your pieces here about the same size. You can adjust them here. Once you start tying this end though, itís going to be harder and harder to adjust later. Weíll go with a couple more runs here, and weíll start tying this net together.

Adjust them up, make them even across. Switch sides here. What weíre going to do, is we're looking for the inside of this one and the inside of this one. You can just come up, take your finger, make a loop, pull them both through, and youíve got your first run. You can equal them up a little bit if you need to. Youíve got your first part of your net. You can come back with this one, this green one, and tie into this black one, doing the same thing. You want to come in with this one, grab this one, and weíre going to tie it in. Youíre making small triangles and small diamonds. There are all kinds of net-making tools and little gadgets and things that help you put these nets together, but Iíve found this is just as easy without having to have those tools. You're going to adjust them out, try to keep them even, I didn't get that one really great, but it'll be okay, and we just keep the knots even across. You donít have to use two different colors, this is just for demonstration purposes. You can keep running this on out and on out and on out, that one's going to attach to a green, and that one's going to attach to a green, until you get your entire net made out. Thatís a pretty simple process that you're going to do. Youíre going to keep repeating that until you get the desired size that you want.

Nets are a pretty versatile thing. Like I said, something like that right there, it took me three or four hours to do this entire net, which is about ten by five when itís all stretched out.

This is Darren with East Woodland Survival. I really appreciate yíall viewing. I hope this is a quick and easy tutorial for you, net-making for survival. I appreciate everything that you guys do. Please comment and subscribe, and thank you very much for watching. Hope to see you in the woods.
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