Make A Paracord Snake Knot Lanyard ( How To )

Posted by Stacy on 4/11/2013

This is a lanyard made using the snake knot and it looks really neat.


Coop: Hey guys, Coop here. Iíve had a few requests for me to put up a video on the snake knots lanyards and I figured Iíd give it a try. I hope itís going to be easy for you guys to follow. If not, let me know and Iíll try and improve the quality. First off, this is the snake knot lanyard. Itís not a really hard lanyard to make, but itís a little tedious if you donít Ö until you get the hang of it. With that being said, letís get on with the length of cord youíll need.

Start off, your outside wrap that will actually make the snake knot, youíll need five feet. That will make this right here and two tussles. The center core of the lanyard, youíll need two feet. You donít have to singe this together in the middle, I do because I put it on my jig and my pins hold it. If you have other means of holding your string, you donít have to singe them together. Some people will use the washer to hold down the together ends. I just use the knots. With that being said, Iíll get my jig all set up and Iíll get back to you.

Okay guys, I have my jig all set up. I just take my five feet of cord here, fold it in half like so and you got your cord here. You want to go in behind the cord, just like so. You got your left side and your right side, now you take your left side and you loop it and lay it down. Thatís about how it should look right there. Then you take your right side and put it through the hole just like so. Thatís what it should look like at this point. Now youíll take the right side and you go under everything to the other side. Hereís the left side, hereís the right side coming over and back through the hole again. So far thatís what you should come up with. Now you pull it all down, snug it all down. Just work it slow trying to keep your knot tight in all directions. Thatís how it should look right there to start off with.

Now that youíve got your loops inch down, weíre going to take the right side again, weíre going to come underneath and then this piece that comes across the top, weíre going to pull it just up a little. Weíre going to weed this right side back down through there. You want to keep it under the first loop. Now that youíve got that done, you have one here and you have two on this side. Now we take the left side, we wrap it around, come under and take the second one here on the bottom, pull it up just a little, stick it down through. Before I tighten this one down, Iíll tighten this one back up and then tighten that one up.

Now you have one of the right side, one of the left side. Now what weíll do is weíll take the right side, go under, come around, pull this one through. Singe down your knot, singe down your knot. At this point itís going to look a little funky, but just bare with it for a few minutes it will start taking shape as you go down through. Now we go left side under, over the top, under the back, pull this through, go through here like that. Before I singe this piece down, Iíll singe this one down real tight. You just take Ö work them back and forth. Then you repeat the process, right side, pull some cord through, tight, then left side, around, pull it up a little bit, go down through, stop right about there, pull your knot tight and pull the other one tight. I push up when I pull down. That way it keeps my knots all nice and tight.

Now we go right side all around, pull this little bit of loop up, go down through, pull tight and pull tight. So far your weave is starting to come along. We just continue that back and forth, left and right as we go. Now go back to the left side, go over, under, around, pull this knot, pull, pull. Now your knot should be taking shape now as you can see. If you turn it, thatís what the back side looks like.

Basically the idea of this is if youíre working with your right side, which right now Iím working on my right side, Iíll go underneath, then Iíll come over and Iíll pull the bottom loop on the right side out, just enough where I can get this through it. Just before I tighten it down Iíll tighten the left side, the loop back up and the right side. The tighter you pull this and push up at the same time, the tighter your snake knot is going to be. Weíll go left side over, under, pull up a little bit of this one and through the hole. Okay guys, I think youíre getting the hang of it. If you need to pause or go back and see what Iíve done, go ahead and do that now. Iím going to put you on hold here while I finish up and Iíll come back and weíll finish up here in just a minute.

Okay guys, you should be getting down there quite away. Now me, I only make my snake knot about 12 wraps which I start on this side and I count down one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Iíll make mine about 12 to 13 wraps long and then thatís how long I like my lanyard. You can make this thing as long as you want to, it doesnít matter. I just make my lanyards at about 12 to 13 knots. Iíll let you guys just stick with me for a few minutes while I finish up here and weíll show you how to end the lanyard off. Okay, I think that will do it for this lanyard.

Now how we finish it off, we take it off of our jig, but first Iím going to measure this up here, and Iím going to push the whole thing up just about 2 Ĺ inches from the top. That will come in here in just a few minutes why I push it up. Because when I get done I want about 3 Ĺ inches of this top piece to hook onto the knife or keys or whatever, but I want it to be about 3 Ĺ inches long and Iíll show you the reason why I pushed it up to 2 Ĺ here in just a few minutes.

Now that youíre done, if youíve singed the bottom together like I did earlier, now youíre going to need to cut that, so you just take your scissors and just cut it. All right guys, now Iíll show you how to do the knot. You got your [inaudible 00:11:35] looks just like that, so weíll pull this one over here, pull this one over here like so. Youíll take this side here, youíll wrap it around and through the hole and make sure you stay on the outside of this first one and go through the hole on the second one. Now the one on the back you do the same thing, you go around the outside and through the hole. You should have something similar to that right there.

Now, I take this one, you got all your cords pretty much out straight, so now we take this one, we wrap around this piece and through the center. Turn lanyard around a little bit, take this one, wrap around this side here and through the center. This one here, same thing. Take around and up through the center. Now this one, take around and up through the center. I know it looks like a mess, but weíre going to pull all that tight here in just a minute. Once you got all that mess right there, just slowly start working your knots through on each string and try and keep a hold of your knot here as youíre pulling up. Just hold it gently and just pull each string one at a time, and your knot will start forming down there. You have to monkey with a little bit to get to your form but it will get there and there you go, thereís your knot.

Remember I pulled this up earlier, now what Iím going to do is Iím going to grab a hold of that loop, Iím going to push it down, as tight as I can. What that does is not only does it lock it down tighter, it locks this knot all together too. Now from here on, you just figure out how long you want your tussles and once you figure out how long you want your tussles, you cut the excess off, seal the ends, weíll go ahead and do that. Iíll just do Ö we go four there, weíll do four here and weíll seal the ends.

Okay guys, and when it comes to this, practice makes perfect. As you work with it, youíll find little tips and tricks along the way and I hope this helps you with the bulk of it and now you can either slide a bead down on top or leave the bead off. Okay guys, when you get to the end you can either snip them like this or you can snip them at an angle in cerium and it will make a little bit more of a decorative look to it. I hope this video was helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please place them below and remember itís Coop out.
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