Knot of the Week: Paracord Wrappping

Posted by Stacy on 4/15/2013

There are many videos on how to wrap a knife handle so here is one on wrapping a widgy bar just to be different. If you don't know what is widgy bar is, it looks like a mini crow bar.


Speaker 1: All right, guys, welcome to our next knot of the week. Today, were going you a show how to do a little paracord wrapping and what we have here is, I think this is the Pocket Widgy, in the Micro-Pocket Widgy from CountyComm. I went through those in the article just to be sure Im saying the right terminology here. But, anyhow, what we're going to do is, were going to wrap this smaller one just like this little larger size here. And so, you can see the pattern, all there is a single bar running down the center and it's weaved in there and the back just looks like a straight wrap. But, it's very strong, it's not going to come loose on you. I can sit here and mess with it all day long and what holds it well is the fact that where it runs through this eye here on the bottom, we used standard paracord, it's not gutted, so it kind of help stabilize it a little bit as you're making the wraps. But well show how to tie this and you'll see how tight you really want to make the wraps. Anyhow, let's get started with that. The first step, you can see there's going to be two holes in this little pry bar here and what you are going to do is, you are going to start by taking your paracord and this is a little longer I think this is about three feet a paracord, you definitely don't need this much. I think it will hold about two feet a paracord, which thats the purpose of doing something like this to, not only to have something to grip it with, which this little rigid line here makes a nice grip. Wondered, you're actually using these, but it's just a great way to store paracord too, in case you need it.

First step, we're going to come through the back of this thing, just like this and what you are going to do with this section when you to the back is, this is kind of, you're going to kind of measure what you want this thing to look like in the end. This tail that comes past the end of the pry bar here is actually going to be the length of your little loop or your lanyard in the end here you can tie a lanyard knot or just do the simple over hand knot, like I did with this one too.

Anyhow, you make that come through the back, like I said, and then all your going to do is wrap around it like this and your first wrap is going to secure actually, now that Im thinking about it, it might be better to make the first wrap, let's go with it the other way. I think it will be better. I think thats why I did that.

Anyhow the first wrap secures that that first I guess standing part secures that in there and you want to make this as tight as you can so I kind of veer of camera here while I tighten this. Then, as your bringing it around, you're going to take that center part, just loop it over. The idea here is to keep tightening the whole time, so you want to make sure it's really tight and until you get that first wrap on here, like that, then youll start locking it in, as you can see. There's the first wrap and Im just going to be pushing this up as Im doing it to just to kind of scud it to the top. Then second wrap, this line is going to come on top, just like that. Next wrap, as I scud it up, it's going to come over that line. It's just going to be an under-over thing, the whole time. Sorry, if Im veering off camera here, just got to keep it tight as you're doing this or definitely won't be as good. It will get all lose on you and then it will come off and won't be as nice and tight as this one. Again, all Im doing is just repeating that pattern kind of an under-over thing. It's a very simple wrap, not to complicated at all. What is important though is the end. Ill show that right now. Once you come to the end, you're going to have your standing part, just here and then your last wrap is going to wrap into that, just like that to secure and what you want to do with that standing part is put it through that eyelet, looks like so.

Now, your other end, the loose end, you're going to bring through the opposite direction that eyelet. Once you do that, tighten it up and so you should have one end coming this way and one end coming this way, just like that. Thats essentially it. All we're going to do from this point is to make your little loop tie your lanyard knot whatever you are going to do here on the end. Ill just do an overhand knot here and of course we trim off the excess here and there you have it.. And this is how to paracord wrap, a small, Micro Widgy tool, I believe, Im saying that right, from CountyComm. This can be used for anything with two holes in it, two lanyard holes. Just remember that. Well get into like wrapping a strider type knife hopefully next week, hoping to demo that next week. So there you have it. If you have an questions be sure to leave them and thanks for watching.
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