How to tie a Double Snake Knot with Paracord

Posted by Stacy on 12/20/2012
This is a difficult knot, but these instructions are very clear. I like to use this knot when finishing a project such as a lanyard.


Speaker 1: Are you going to start tutoring them?

Speaker 2: Yes, Iíve got the same cord that I made the double diamond knot. What Iím going to do is show you the double snake knot. I come up with these by mistake, really not mistake, but just by ... well what would this look like if it had double and this, this and that. I saw a guy try to explain it and he had a wooden some type of piece of wood or something that he was tying it up on and doing this and doing that, he was kind of like taking this for instance and he was wrapping it up and then heíd go back over and wrap it up again and back over and wrap it up again and over and then he came up with what looked like a double snake knot. Basically guys all you are doing is taking two different colors or the same color, it doesnít matter what the length is, because it depends on how long you want it. For demonstration purposes Iíll show you what Iím doing here, itís two ropes and they are about a foot maybe about a foot.

Basically you'll find the middle point and you will start it off like a snake knot. Youíll want to pinch up here and youíll take two strands here and youíll go around these two strands. Just once it starts forming it will be a lot easier for you to do it. Once you do that, youíll take these bottom ones right here and youíll come behind these two strands right here and youíll open up the loops here and youíll feed them through. It will come down and it will tighten up and then you take your time and tighten these up a little bit at a time, little bit at a time, until you actually get the knot going. Then youíll have to pull up a little bit and pull here and pull there. All right,well once you get it going itís not that bad and it actually comes out really nice. All right and thatís the first knot.

Now you have two loops here, but usually I will either cut one off or Iíd leave it just like that, because I like the way it comes out and then you do it again. Youíll take these two on the left, youíll wrap them around the right and bring them back out to the left again and then youíll take the ones on the right and youíll come behind the left ones here, over the top, and through the middle. Yes, they like to go however which way they like to. Then do the same thing, you pull them down a little bit at a time, because you just donít want to yank them, because then there will be a big old space in the middle like that, and youíll basically do like you will a regular snake knot. You take your time guys. You want to take your time, thatís all I can say, just keep tying them. They will start taking form, it will look good. Sometimes the knots will go over here or go over there, but for the most part theyíll wind up pretty well. Let me try to pull this tight a little bit, just like that.

You can even pull them tight up top as well and that will help sink them together. See how thatís coming out. You do the same thing, take the left ones, go over the right, back around to the left again, take the bottom ones, come behind, oops, come behind and over the top and through the middle. Come on fingers, work. Basically, like I say, you just pull a little bit at a time, straighten out your rope a little bit at a time. It will work, it just take it takes a little bit of patience and a little bit of finesse. You have to make sure that that bottom rolls a little bit upward, so it will lock everything into place, just like that. Just pull them tight and just keep going, it will come out. I probably have enough time to finish this and Iíll go as far as I can, as far as the rope will let me. So you take the left ones, go over the right and back toward the left again, take the bottom ones, come around over the top, and if it will work for me and right through the middle, come out. Be careful how far off you space them, because this will happen and being that it is a double, it will let you know if you messed up like itís doing now. Like I said, pull them a little bit at a time. A little bit at a time. Thatís probably as much as Iím going to be able to go on this one right here.

For the most part thatís it guys. I donít know what Iím going to call that, a king snake maybe, but there you go, itís done. I might be able to do one more, now. For the most part keep them straight and this was a demonstration anyways, depending on the length, just depending on how far you'll go down, just remember that you need a lot of rope when it comes to making this double one. Let me know what you guys think, leave a comment, if you liked it, if you learned it, if itís easy enough for you to follow. Just let me know what you think. All right guys, you guys take care, take care of each other, support each other, and support your second amendment all the way. Thanks guys.
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