How to make a Ridgeback Quick Deploy Paracord Bracelet

Posted by Stacy on 2/12/2013

This is a pretty neat design and very easy to tie.  The knot used is a half hitch.  It makes an attractive bracelet and I'm currently messing with different color combinations.


Speaker 1: Hi YouTube, bbmize here. I'm going to show you how to do the ridgeback paracord bracelet. First, you start with paracord with your desired length and we find the middle of your paracord. I usually, for every inch go one foot, and you star by tying an overhand knot. Push that up, all right? The knot is real simple. Cross over, go under, and you push up and tighten. Take the next one, cross over, under, push up and tighten and you just keep doing that. Push up and tighten. Just keep on. You want to try to get it even. You want to try keep this even in both sides.

It's that simple. You just keep working your way down, and then when you get to the end, you need to tie another overhand knot or you can do a coverstitch. Another way you can do this instead of going all the way down is instead of taking--let’s say you have a bracelet that you want to make, 6 inches. Instead of 6 feet of cord, use 3 feet and then what you would do is go ahead and tie this off. Just use a coverstitch to tie it off. Once you get halfway, you grab here and you just pull and you can go with a bracelet like so. Or if you want it tighter you just push it right back up. That's it.

All right, when you get done this is what you should have. I'm going to tie it off and then pop it out, flip it over and there's your ridge. Now, you may want to go back and straighten it up a little bit. Form it up. Clip same and sandwich the ends and there you go.

You’re going to need to put a bead or you can make a paracord bead like I did here, and I'll put the link down below to the video where I learned that from the paracordist. All you have to do to deploy as you saw on the other video is undo this knot, pull out the core, and it all comes apart. All right, see you next time.
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