How to make a (Reversible design - 2 in 1) Lightning Bolt Paracord Bracelet

Posted by Stacy on 4/11/2013

This is a really interesting video on a 2 sided paracord bracelet with a really neat design.


Steve: Hello, this is Steve with [Curlicthinking.com 00:00:28], here today to show you an instructional video on how to make this paracord bracelet. This design is called the Lighting Bolt. This is a 2-in-1 bracelet. The back of the design creates a unique pattern and this is called Boxed In. How I make my bracelets are with a 5/8th inch slightly curved buckle, so I do not have the benefit of using mine as reversible bracelet, but if you were to use a knot and loop system, you could use the bracelet as reversible. Or if you used a non-curved buckle or a D shackle buckle would also perform as reversible.

This bracelet design was posted on the Parachute Cord Crafters Group on Facebook by Benjamin Swanson. Benjamin Swanson is also the proprietor of Swanson Survival and has an Etsy group up with a link to his Etsy page in the description down below. We can stop over and visit. Speaking of that, the Parachute Cord Crafters Group is a very good group if you’re into creating things with parachord, looking for a place to show your designs or see other people’s designs and just talk about the craft as a whole. It’s a very good group, very active, multiple posts every day, pictures with new designs and ideas and people asking for names and what designs they’re called. So a very great group to take a look at and join.

I have my jig already laced up at the bottom here that you can’t see. I have the lock’s head come on all the way up loops in my top buckle. My joint for the two colors is here. I’m making a seven inch bracelet and I have my jig set at 8 ¼, 8 ½ inches in between. I’m using five feet of the blue, the dominant base color and four feet of the gray on the side.

Before we get started, there is a pattern to this weave with one color being on top, same color and the same color again, giving the zigzag pattern in the Lightning Bolt. As we go through you’ll see the pattern and you’ll get to feel for the pattern, but as we start out, we can’t start out with the initial pattern so we’re going to start in the middle of the pattern and then we’ll start in with the traditional three weave pattern. At the end of the video, after the credits, I will place still images of each of the three steps, that way give I’ll you a spot to pause and look at as you attempt your first bracelet. Once you get to kind of know the pattern you won’t need it anymore, but it will be there in case you do need it.

To get started, I’m going to do a basic under and over nut and tighten. The color on the right side we’re going to cover over, under and through and that finishes out the first half of the pattern to start up the bracelet design. Now we’ll start over with the pattern and repeat in its entirety. With the second color we’re going to come under, over and through, tighten and now an under and over knot with the current color that we’re in the pattern with on top. The third step in the pattern with the color that we’re on top, over, under and through and tighten. All right, our joints so we’ll pay attention there to make sure that’s nice and tight and covered and now you have your lightning bolt.

Now the pattern repeats with the second color under, over and through and tighten. Now the basic over and under with the second color on top and the final step in the pattern with the second color, tighten. Now we’ll just repeat the pattern over with the color again; under, over and through, over and under with both and finish up the pattern. Now as we’re going we can stop, take a look at the back and see if we have the Boxed In design with a single color surrounded by four of the other, single color surrounded by four, single color surrounded by four. If it doesn’t look like that, then we’ve messed up on one of the steps and we need to back up. Additionally you may see two loops with a single color here, two smaller loops. That means that we messed up on one of the steps and we need to undo and come back. Go ahead and do a bit more and that finishes our bracelet.

The next step is to snip and seams the ends, or if you prefer the top method, come underneath these final three right there in the center. I have one ahead and tucked in my ends and cut them off, and now we have our finished bracelet. This is your Lightning Bolt Paracord Bracelet or your Boxed In Paracord Bracelet, whichever you prefer or if you’ve made a reversible. Hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Like and subscribe, check back for more videos and check on my other videos. Hope you enjoy.
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