How to make THE ORIGINAL Millipede Survival Paracord Bracelet with Buckle

Posted by Stacy on 4/15/2013

Here is an easy weave that will result is a really awsome looking bracelet.  Try it with contrasting colors for a bolder look.


Speaker 1: Hey, you guys. Today is one of my most requested videos, how to make a Millipede Survival Paracord Bracelet with a Buckle. Now, I figured this out quite a while ago, but just didnít have the time to make the video. I tried to work on stuff with clip deployment, stuff like that. It's not going to be as quick as the regular knot, but it's still way quicker than a regular cobra with a buckle. This is how you deploy it. You have one side that is just flipped over, take it like this and in the other end too, this black one and you can do it at the same time, but since Iím behind the camera, it's harder to do both at the same time.

Take it out of the buckle, then you pull your one buckle down here and there you go, you have your cord ready to use, all you need to do is just of course youíll have these burned off, you just need it to untie these and now you have a cord ready to use, way quicker than a regular cobra with a buckle, but still not as quick as the regular this knot.

Now, I guess, Iíll show you guys how to make it. I hope you know how to just do the knot all ready, because I don't really feel like going over it again, but I guess I will. You just Ö Iíve been requested to show how to, like what do you say, measure your wrist, but it's kind of hard to do that text message. What do you want to do is just take your cord and just go over it to Ö go over your wrist two times and then that will be your center cord for your wrists and then you want to just add a whole bunch of cord on the end of that, that you should cut off 20 feet or say 18 feet because 18feet is the common length of somebodyís wrist for the millipede.

What you do now is, you just go ahead and proceed like the regular knotted millipede, you go ahead and double up your length, if you want your wrist to be this big, thatís how big your wrist will be and then you want to make sure you leave a little at the end, you can tie it off to one of the end buckles. You want to make a slip knot just like so, you take the smaller end and put it through, when you pull, this will be the end attached and then youíll pull the clip from this one, thatís your wrist size right here. Then you want to give the same through the other cord.

Then you want to match them up and almost same so just pull through, then we got there look the same just for a quick demos, they're about the same. Then what you do is, you just proceed with tying off regularly or just tying it regularly, I got my little device here and Iíll just put them on each other. Iíll show you when I have it on here. There's my light Ö

As you see, I just have it on this hook and then I tied them off to each other. All I did was I just tied it off to this screw right here and then you proceed with your regular time of the millipede, you go over and then under and just do it that then you do it over, under on the same one, I mean, on the opposite one and then you pushed down.

Now since you did over under first time, you go Ö now you go under the cord and then through, pull, tie in. Push down under, through. Now you go over since you just went under, over and then here's another little trick. You see that this cord is pointing upwards, you want to go opposite of that, since the cord is pointing upwards you go under the bracelet. This one is pointing up, you go under, and push everything down. It's pointing downwards, you go over. There's goes another text message. It's pointing down you go over. I have finished a little test bracelet as you can see just for you guys. I'm going to push everything down and thatís what it looks like before you put the buckles on. Now, that you put the buckles on, also make sure that you have plenty of loops up here to put one of your buckles on and don't pull any through yet.

You want to untie down here, if you have it on the radar however you make it, just untie it and then so you want, the first buckle you want to put on and is the loop buckle. On the loop buckle, you want to go from the top, as we see I have the male part, Iím going to go from the top, down through a slot and then it will look like this one, doing now. Now you can get an extra, you can get an extra piece of cord and like one of the end side of the cords to help you pull through, but right now Iím too lazy to do that.

Now pull one through and then you want to open up that one that you just pulled through and put the other one all right through there. It looks like this, just like this, so far, then after you have it like this, you put the loop over the clip and then pull down, just wriggle it down and don't worry it might look crappy right now, but weíll fix it.

It will look like this. Now, what we want to do is, pull these cords down here through. Weíll tighten this top up and then just keep wriggling, just clip the cord tight, tighter and tighter and keep pulling through. There goes my light again.

After a while, your clip will start looking like this. Now you can arrange however you want these colors, if there different colors or whatever, but then you'll need to tighten up the back, how you do that is, you just pull simply follow the cord through and then pull down here. For this one and just follow the orange through that goes around here and then pull through. And so, now my orange is tight, you want to do that with your black or whatever other color you have.

Sorry if Iím off frame, see if I can zoom out there we go. Pull through. There we go and made it tighter and then you just want to keep doing that until it gets really tight, but you want to leave some room, you can undo it if an emergency happens. Then for the extras down here, you take this clip, Iím using the female clip and you want to make sure that you line it up properly, the clips lineup and it's not like this, it's like this.

So all you do is, you just then take your, each separate cord put it through. It looks something like this, then you take your wrist and put it like so and then unclip the clips together, so you know approximately how tight you need your bracelet to be. After youíve done that, you take your end and then go through here. You have it gone up the top and you take it through just like so and then right back through the loop that you just made, just like that and then you want to tighten it down till however your wrist size is, just for this Iíll just tighten it down to here. Then pull through, pull the string and keep tightening, however, you want it to fit your wrist. You do the same with the orange, you put it just like this and then put it through the loop that you just made and then keep tightening down. And then of course youíll test fit it just like, see if it fits, which of course this doesnít because it's like three inches or half a foot whatever long, make sure you have the parts connect together well and of course you just tighten it down, snip them and then burn them, same with this side and then again Iíll just deploy it for you guys because there's no point of me having this. Just undo and you also want to make sure that pre-shrink your cord, before you do this or else you will not be able to get this undone, probably guaranteed you will not be able to. How you preshrink is you just soak it in on water and let it dry and thatís it, make sure my camera cut out there, but I untied it.

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask, I will most likely answer them. You can leave them in a comment or PM me and hopefully be glad to answer them. Hopefully you guys get to how to do this and spread around the fast deploying Millipede Survival Paracord Bracelet. And hopefully, you have a nice day and I will see you again.
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