How to attach 550 paracord to a paracord fid / paracord needle / lacing needle

Posted by Stacy on 4/4/2013
p>Paracordist shows how to attach paracord to you fid or needle.

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Speaker 1: This is Kevin, the paracordist. This is a follow-up to my first video on how to use a paracord needle or paracord fid, which I sell on my website. I've gotten some great comments from people that made me want to re-post and new recommendations is how to best attach the paracord to the threaded end? I showed a method that works fine, but I think this works even better.

Basically take your paracord, good piece of scissors and then cut it at a sharp angle. Let's see if I can clear that up a little bit here, okay. Cut it at an angle leaving you something like that. Then you want to burn and you actually don't want to burn it. You don't want to over burn it and turn it into a big smoking, melted blob of paracord. Burn it just enough, roll it in your fingers, don't burn yourself, sorry about that. It actually remains somewhat soft. It just threads really, really well this way. Leaves a little bit of cord instead of all of the plastic and it grabs onto the threads basically immediately.

Much better than if you completely and thoroughly burn the whole thing. You can screw it in there pretty far, nice flush edge. Do that. Thanks.
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