How to Tie a Square or Box knot with 550 Paracord

Posted by Stacy on 4/4/2013

This is a good know to use for key chains, lanyards or just adding a little extra paracord to your pack or bug out bag. This knot is easy to do and easy to take apart again.


Speaker 1: Hi guys, [inaudible 00:00:01] here. Today I知 going to show you how to make a paracord box knot lanyard like this. This one's charcoal gray and olive green. You can make it with two colors like this one or one color, but I知 going to be using two colors today, red and white, just so you can see it better.

First of all I use for this one, which is, let me just check, which is about 2 1/2 inches of actual knot. Then another 1/2 inch of loop. I use about 3 feet of charcoal gray and 3 feet of olive green. Now today, sorry, I致e got a foot and a half of imperial army medic red and a foot of white. I'm not actually going to be making a full one, but I知 going to be showing you how to do the knot and how to prepare it and everything.

First you want to cut your paracord to size. About 6 foot of paracord, spread half and half with two pieces would make about this, which is about 2 1/2 inch knot. Let me just see a quick comparison to the blade of a large Swiss Army knife blade. First, you want to get your paracord, well I値l tell you what you need. You need paracord, a measuring tape to measure it, something to cut it with, and something to burn the ends. In this case I知 just this Zippo lighter. Burn the ends quickly. Now just going to now you can use gutted paracord for this, but I知 just going to use regular. I have cut the inner cords to size just a little sticking out.

It's quite hot, but if you lick your fingers you'll be fine. Just to show you what else you have to do you just to pout the paracord in the flame and then just squeeze it with the end of your fingers, just so it doesn't fray on the end. Now you've got your two pieces of prepared paracord. What you're going to want to do is you're going to want to put one vertically and one horizontally in the center of each other. You want the vertical one to be on top of the horizontal one, like so. What you want to do is you want to get your finger and push down here and with one side of your horizontal one go over and with the other side the horizontal one go over. You've got a loop here and a loop here.

Now you want to get either your bottom or top center paracord, go straight, miss the first loop, go under the second and do the same with the other side. You go over the first loop and in through the second and that's your basic box knot. Now some might call it a square, knot, or whatever, but now you just want to pull each side, keep your finger there just so you keep the knot. Just keep pulling then you want to remove your finger, keep pulling, and then I値l zoom in on the next knot so you can see it a bit better. You just do this over and over again, just keep pulling it, keep tightening it and then you should end up with something like that.

Now, I知 going to zoom in and I知 going to show you again. I've got my knot here. I've got one loop and I致e got another loop, like this. Can you see that a little bit? I've got each loop. Now with this piece here I知 going to miss the first loop, under the second loop and the same with the other piece. You should have something a bit like that and then you just want to tighten each piece until you get it nice and tight and it should look like a square. Sorry if I知 blocking it. You can tighten each piece like so and the first couple of knots you don't want to do too tight, I値l show you why just in a second. You've got another box knot, but you've done it kind of loose and I知 going to show you why now. It's kind of tight and if you want to get the loop, oh sorry, like the loop here on this box knot lanyard here.

What you want to do is when you get your knot, flip it over and you can see you'll have a little strand going over the top. You just want to pull that just so you can make a little loop and you can make this loop as long or as short as you want and then flip it back over to your box knot and then you can carry on. Now you can make them as tight as you want from now on. Sorry about that my mum just came in.

Now I知 just going to carry on showing you how to make this. Show you a few more loops. It was this way actually. You just want to go over again, over gain until you've gotten two loops here and then you want to miss out the first one, under the second one, like that, miss out the first one, under the second one. Then you just pull each little strand tight like so, just like that. You start to see the box coming and then you just tighten it, tighten it, tighten it and then you get your little box.

You carry on doing that and eventually it should be all white on one side, all red on the other, like this one is all green on one side, charcoal on other, green, charcoal with the loop. Once you've got the knot down just do that over and over again and then once you get to a point where you either not got enough cord to make another knot or you want to finish you just cut the ends off, get out whatever method of flame you had and then just burn the ends. That's all you do. I'm going to show you one more knot. Over, over, you got your two loops, over the first loop, under the second, over the first loop, under the second, then just tighten it. That's all you do and then that's how it's made, a square or a box knot lanyard.

Thanks for watching. Sorry if you didn't find out what you needed too. Bit of a shotty tutorial, but all you have to remember is make the two loops, over the first loop, under the second one, and if you want to make this one, which is about 2 1/2 inch box knot with a half inch loop, it's about 3 foot of green and maybe 3 foot or a bit more of charcoal for the loop. Thanks for watching guys, I知 [inaudible 00:09:24]. See you.
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