How to Put a Heart Into Your Paracord Survival Bracelet

Posted by Stacy on 2/4/2013

This is a neat idea and very simply done, if you know how.  Adding a heart dresses up a regular cobra paracord bracelet.


Coop: Hey guys Coop here, now today Iím going to show you how to make the little heart bracelet. I showed you on my last video how to make the cancer awareness bracelet putting the ribbon in there. This one here Iím going to show you to put a heart in there, itís good for all kinds of causes, and you can give them to your loved ones, a lot of people like them. Now this isnít my idea, I learned this just like everything else you know off of the internet, but I figured a lot of my subscribers didnít know about it, so I would put it out there, so if they wanted to use it, it gives them another option for bracelets and of course Iím just using a standard bracelet just regular green Paracord, you can use any color you want, the hearts always look good in red.

Basically what we are going to do is the same thing we did with the cancer awareness, weíre going to find our middle which I put my fingers on the in loops and just go all the way to the middle, so we can find the exact spot, thereís the backís middle, so now that weíve found the exact middle what weíre going to do is go up in between these two, weíre going to count over two, thereís two right there. Thatís where Iím going to start, of course just like with the ribbon weíre going to stick her in there with our pliers. Now if you guys have a Paracord feed or a pair of forceps, itís really nice. I like my little pliers, because thatís what I learned on when I first started.

I get it through there and then I go to the one right beside it, do the same thing. Basically weíre just weaving this thing through, so right now thatís what you should see, and we do this with four loops at the top. A lot of people will start in the middle on the bottom, I like to start at the top, because I like to try and bring my Paracord through the bottom hole, sorry about that guys all at one time, so now this is basically the form of your top piece of your heart here, so now weíll go right in the center, and weíll come from the bottom side, open it up just like we did before.

Now this is where Iíll try and take both strands and do them both at the same time, usually sometimes I can get it and sometimes I canít, it looks like today I canít, so Iím going to do one at a time. Thereís the bottom, thereís that one, now we go back beside it, grab the second one. Paracord fed makes this real easy guys; a lot easier than with pliers. My buddies have all been trying to talk me into getting them; I just havenít taken the time to get them. All right, now once your down and you got them all through there thatís what it should look like, just pull it tight and there I go hitting the camera again, pull it tight, and thereís your heart.

At this point, we just do like we did on the ribbon, we cut both sides, take the lighter, singe it and mash it that way it locks it in, see. All right guys thereís your heart, this bracelet is good for like I said loved ones, heart patients, anybody that you want to put a heart on their bracelet, it just gives you another option. All right guys, I hope you enjoyed the video and if you want to put your comments and questions just down below Iíd be more than happy to answer them. I appreciate your support, I appreciate you watching my videos, it means a lot to me, if it wasnít for you guys there would be no Mr. Coop and with that being said my friends old Coop is going to say Coop out.
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