How to Make aThree Way Paracord Keychain

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013

A great idea from MrCoop1967.  I see products like this that sell for quite a bit.  Makeing a quick detachable paracord keychain like this is an easy way to save some money using scrap peices of paracord.


Speaker 1: Hey guys, Coop here. I got a little project that I started tinkering with earlier this afternoon. I was looking around on eBay for maxpedition stuff. I ran across a keychain keeper. Theyíre wanting $12 for. Itís basically a keychain with two keychains hanging off of it and you can detach them on each side. Something like this. You got a key ring at the top and then you got your two keyrings going down. You can take one off. I thought it was a pretty need idea for paracord. I decided to tinker with it because I donít want to pay $12 for something like this.

Donít get me wrong, these colors probably arenít what everybody would use. These are just scrap pieces that I had leftover from different projects and decided to use them to make this. If you guys will bear with me, weíll get into showing you how to make this and what all youíll need to make it. Until we meet again, Coop out.

Okay, guys. Letís get started. First, youíll need 12 inches of whatever color cord you want to use. Then youíll take it and take the 12 inches, double it over, and connect it together which I showed you guys how to do that. Then youíll need two more pieces, six inches each done the same way doubled over. Youíll have your 12 inch piece at the top doubled over and your two six inch pieces for your bottom for your detachable key rings.

From this point on, itís pretty much wherever you want to start. You donít have to cut these and burn them. You can use one piece but I just found it easier to do this, this way. Basically, Iím just going to start with my regular cobra knot. Just like I do on everything else. You can start at the top. You can start at the bottom. You can start whichever place you want to start at first. I just happened to start at the bottom. This go around. Of course, always push it up. You can use all the same color if you want. Iím just using two different colors because this is pretty much made out of scrap materials I had just laying around. Thereís the last one. Letís see if we canít squeeze this up enough to get one more out of it. I didnít leave those long enough so we get to use the pliers to tie to down the last knot. There. As always, youíll snip and burn. Then Iíll take another piece of scrap over here. Clean up the ends. Weíll do this side.

The only bad thing about working with scrap pieces, guys. You donít have a lot to grab hold of to tie it now. I wish I could go one more. Weíre not going to be able to squeak it. Anyway, you do the same thing. You cut and burn and youíre done.

To do the top piece. Letís see if I got another piece of scrap in here. Oh, yes. Weíll do the top one in orange guys. Of course, youíve got your D ring up here. Iím going to start off, get my metal. This is way longer than I need. Start off to lock your D ring in there. Or lock your key ring in there. Guys, I need to get back to the paracord gig more often. Iím fumbling. There we go. Now your key ring is locked in there. Weíll just, Iím going to do that down just a couple of passes. You can do it all the way down if you want to or you can just do it at one pass. Itís entirely up to you, however you want to do it. Iím just going to go down, all the way with one pass and stop at my knots.

You guys all know what the cobra knot is. You can also do this with bigger buckles if youíd like. Do the king cobra. Pretty much guys, thatís it right there. Now you have a key holder, split ring key holder. I got this idea from nosing around on eBay. I saw the maxpedition keepers and I said, thatíd be a cool idea to try and make something like that out of paracord. Once itís done of course you guys know, take everything off and of course thereís your pin. You take your ladder and you lock your ends by searing them. Mash them down. You donít have to burn them for very long. Just enough to lock them in there.

Weíll finish this one up. My lighters about out of juju guys. Lock that one in there. Weíll lock that one in there. Now for the last one. Lock that one in there. Okay, guys. Now, you have a set of key rings that you can detach your keys from. All right guys, I hope this was helpful. If you guys want to put your comments and questions down below, Iíll be more than happy to answer them. I appreciate your support. I appreciate you watching my videos. It means a lot to me. Donít forget, weíve started a Facebook page now. If you guys want to head on over and hit the Like button, be my guest. If you donít want to, you just wasted a few minutes of your time. Old Coop is pretty much going to say Coop out.
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