How to Make a Solomons Heart Paracord Bracelet

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013

Called by some the "Locked in Love" bracelet, this is a very cool design.  Once again, very clear instructions from chaoticthinking1 on Youtube. I had posted a video mommacoop78 with this design. The video below is the one she used for inspiration.


Speaker 1: Hello, this is Steve from chaoticthinking.com. I ask everyone to bear with me. This is my very first YouTube video ever. I’m trying to pay attention to the lighting and make it as best as I can. I am using a rigged up camera set-up here so the camera may shake a little bit. Today, we’ll be showing you how to make this bracelet design. I recently got into making things out of paracord, survival bracelets being one of them. There’s an abundance of videos on different bracelet styles and what not. I came across this one on the survivalist boards. Posted a picture by Fat Pony. Just showed a picture of it. Didn’t show how to make it or anything. I was unable to find any other videos on how to make it so I decided to figure out how it was done. Since no one else is showing the video, I would show one here and show you all how to make it.

I’m going to assume that you’ve made bracelets before with paracord. Cobra weave, Solomon bar in particular. Same thing. Got my jig already set up with my cords here. I’m using 4 ½ feet of a black cord and 3 ½ feet of the pink cord here. The dominant color, the black color is longer because I use it to span between the bracelets, that way it’s showing black predominantly on both ends. I have my joint melted together here close to the top, that way it gets covered up as soon as possible and throughout the middle of the bracelet, you only see one color except for the tip up here.

Since you have made a cobra weave or Solomon bar before, you’ve noticed the pattern. I make my bracelets upside down but you notice the pattern that one color is on top and one color is on the bottom as it loops over and around. That being said, we need to pay close attention to which one’s going on top and which one’s going on the bottom for this bracelet design. It can also be as you’re conducting a normal cobra weave, you can switch over to this other weave and put the heart shape right in the middle of the bracelet, right where the middle would be.

I’m going to go ahead and get started. Starting with whichever color you start with first we’re going to go so that it’s on top, just like the normal cobra weave. Two times. After two times the next color is going to be on top for two times. Now our joint is hidden. Pay special attention to that. Once two times there, we’re going to come back with the first color. Two times on that. Now, the other color on top again. That’s the pattern that you need to follow. As you’re going the heart shape begins to appear.

Just keep on tying until you get to the desired length or the end of your bracelet. This can also be done with the center cord and the lanyard not at the ends with the loop if you don’t have buckles. I prefer to put everything with buckles. This is the middle of the bracelet as if this was a normal cobra weave, this is where we would insert and switch over to the other color to put in the heart shape here in the middle of the bracelet if that’s what we wanted.

Almost done here. Now, we’re at the end. There’s your pattern. I went and tucked in my ends here. Here’s your finished bracelet. Again, I did not come up with this design. Fat Pony said that he ran across it and he decided to name it locked-in love. I’m going to go ahead and refer to it as Solomons heart. It seems a little bit more fitting for the bracelet pattern here.

Again this is Steve with chaoticthinking. I hope you enjoyed my first video. Please check back, like, and subscribe, and check out the website. It is at the beginning stages with very few posts that are relevant to anything but I will be posting more and hopefully making a few more YouTube videos here in the near future. Maybe not necessarily about paracords and things of that nature or crafting type stuff but there will be videos nonetheless and hopefully you’ll find them enjoyable and informational. Thanks for watching.
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