How to Make a Paracord Cross Necklace by TIAT

Posted by Stacy on 4/16/2013

It is amazing all the things that can be done with paracord, here is one more creative creation that can be done with paracord.


Paracord Survival Necklace Speaker 1: Hi guys, Iíd just like to show you a survival necklace that Iíve put together. Before I do that, Iíd just like to mention that Iím not a survival expert by any means, but I do think Iíve put a half-decent kit here together, and Iíd just like to share it with you.

Firstly, the necklace itself is made of one continuous piece, woven together, 550 paracord, connected by two split rings and a brass ball chain. This chain will actually break away under enough tension, so if you do get snagged up on anything, it will just break away and you wonít end up choking yourself.

Over here is a fire-making kit that consists of one firesteel, 2 Ĺ inches by I think itís 5/16th. Itís connected to a maple handle that I made. There is also a small piece of steel here for your striker. It actually makes some pretty good sparks. Thatís just held on by a piece of rubber, line an innertube. Iíll post another video on how this works because itís actually a pretty good set-up.

I also have a one jute fob. This stuffís really good tinder. What you do is you cut a section off, and the rest of it wonít unravel. You take that section and I fluff it up really well. It takes a spark really nicely.

This little guy, itís just a metal pill fob with a bowring to keep it waterproof. There is a piece of Ö itís 25 feet of 15-pound test braided fishing line. I was going to use monofilament, but mono is just a pain to work with. It gets tangled really easily. You just get frustrated. Braided is just a lot easier to work with. You can use it for a variety of different things. Also in there are three fish hooks and three split shots, nothing special.

We also have Ö thereís one non-lubricated condom for water storage, and there are four aqua tabs for water purification One aqua tabís good for one liter of water, so you have potentially four liters of clean drinking water.

Over here is just a small [Inaudible 00:02:04] flashlight. Itís a twist-on. These come with a piece of plastic in between the bulb and the battery so it doesnít turn on by mistake and burn out the battery.

Over here is a small aluminum whistle. I know it looks dinky but itís actually pretty loud; and also, beside that, a small folding knife. Itís half serrated, half plain edge, pretty sharp, and it will do what you need it to do within reason.

Over here, on its own lanyard, yes, everything on here comes off. Itís all held together by, they call them ranger bands. Theyíre just cut-up pieces of bike innertube. Over here, thereís a 20-mil liquid-filledcompass and a 20-mil thermometer. Theyíre pretty accurate.

Thatís about it. Iíve actually made these for other people, so if youíd like one put together, shoot me an email and Iíll give you a quote and whatnot. The colors I have right now are Ö this oneís woodland camo. Itís a pretty nice color. Iíve got black. Thatís two-toned. The problem with the two-tone is itís two pieces of nine feet, instead of one piece of 18-feet. This oneís coyote brown and foliage cream. I know it looks grey, but itís actually cream. On the outside, Iíve got a digital multi camo. I also like that color a lot.

Thatís it. Any questions, comments, suggestions, leave them below and Iíll try to get back to you. All right, thanks for watching.
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