How to Make a Five Colored Paracord Bracelet Part 2

Posted by Stacy on 2/12/2013

Part 2 of this series.  I think the finished product looks great.


Speaker 1: All right, guys. This is the second part of the five colored paracord bracelet and how to make it. Sorry for the mess. That was from earlier, from my first video. I'm down to the end so this is pretty much the final product almost and that piece uneven. If you watched the first part of the video, you'll know how to braid it. Down to the end and I left about--how much is the length of this one? About half an inch. See how I can’t explain this already. I'm sorry. I'm so like out of out it. You see how it goes over, black and then under black. We want it to go over black one more time since we're this close to the end. We're going to put black in between white and red. All our drive over black, all our drive between blue and red and all our drive in between black and then tighten as tight as you can get it. That will make it nice and solid. Now, what you want to do is make sure--I'm not going to--actually, yeah, all right. What you want to do is tie one more, so we're going to go over everything, over black, over everything, and between them. Tighten it down. Adjust it where it's nice and even. Adjust the blue nice and even. Tighten it down again. Before you cut anything like don’t cut anything yet is if you have the wrong size, then you're going to have to make it look like a tie in and do that where it's missing this much, missing that much.

Make sure it fits before you do anything. Once you do that, I'm not going to be able to show you because I want to make sure it fits his wrist because he’s at my school and school is tomorrow. You make sure it fits this way. You're going to want to undo this one and see how it's over it. We want to do undo this one, all right? Now, it's over and you're going to want to cut it about right there. I want to focus camera again. About right there where when you tie this piece over it, it covers up the cut and burnt piece and it will look like that. Where you can't really tell it's cut and burnt, but you want to make it like that. That way they won't notice it and it will look a lot better.

Like I said, sorry, I can't show you right now because I want to make sure it fits this wrist. I may post the video tomorrow showing that final product or how to do it, but after you do that--like I said, make sure you do like I did at the beginning in the first video which is flatten it out. I'll show you again. Flatten it out, burn it, lick your fingers already, and it would be flat like that. That way, it would be nice and hidden. It would be nice and compact where it's not bulging out, and then you'll cover it back up with this stitching, however you want to call it.

Once you do that, you're going to want to do, like I said, at the beginning piece again. You're going to want to cut this one close to it but not all against it and you're going to want to burn it. What I usually use is I get my scissors and I push it down like that. That way, it's nice and smooth because I don’t like using my finger because every once in a while they get stuck to your finger and it will burn the crap out of your finger. Don’t do that and then do it again on this side.

Then for this piece, like I said, make sure it fits first. Do not cut anything until you know it fits because then you'll have a nice--either tight or too loose bracelet and that wouldn’t be good. Then you want to do the same thing with this so you're going to cut it about right there, okay. Let me just make sure I focus this again. You want to cut it about right there. Go a little bit closer and then burn it, and yet again, I use scissors for this. I just push it down like you'd go like that and just smooth it out. If you need to, you can keep burning it and keep smoothing it out so you get your nice final product.

This isn't too great of a job but see. If you burn it enough, it will stick to the outer part of this paracord and it will be nice and smooth but I didn’t take the time to do it. I was just kind of in a rush. Like I said, I will show you this finished one tomorrow. If these videos upload tonight, then it will be tomorrow that the next video comes. That's it for now.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment. That should be it pretty much. Like I said, any questions, comments, just leave many comments below. Subscribe if you want to, like or favorite. I don’t care. Dislike if you want, if you really feel the need to. It doesn’t bother me. That's pretty much it guys. If you want me to, I will make a video tomorrow showing the cutting and burning process of these four strands and these two strands. See you later guys. Peace.
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