How to Create a Cancer Awareness Ribbon Paracord Bracelet

Posted by Stacy on 12/20/2012
Great video on adding a ribbon to a Cobra style bracelet. This on is how to add a cancer awarness ribbon, but a ribbon honoring any cause or organization could be used.

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Wondering what colors to use? Check out this Wikipedia list of ribbons: Wikipedia


Speaker 1: Hey guysí bringing back another video with Paracord and it is going to be how to make a ribbon; I guess you can call it the cancer awareness ribbon. Iím going to use a black bracelet, just regular cobra stitch, nothing special about it and just a little bit of plain Paracord. What you're going to need, the bracelet the Paracord and a lighter and something to cut it with; yes Zippo lighters work too. This is kind of weird, but anyways. You're going to need a Sharpie and you're going to want to bend this back a little bit. When I was slipping it in and pulling it, pulling a little loop, it kind of snapped on me, but I will show you how to use that without the Ö itís basically the same thing; I just use the pliers with a backup, for that. If you watched my video on how to make the heart into the Paracord bracelet, you will know what Iím talking about when I say about the sharpie.

The first thing you're going to need to do down the middle of your bracelet, it doesnít really have to be the middle, but I prefer that it be the middle, so just slip that in there and just wiggle it around a little bit until you get it pretty loose, slip it through, itís not going to be as easy, there you go. Then you're going to take and find ... I kind of already make up the ribbon on there, so you know which ones you're going to have to go through, so you're going to have to use that knot, that notch, and that notch. I'm going to go ahead and run it through this one right here. These knot coming lose you can twist this around once itís in there and it will come loose, but going to run that through there like that, a loop. You're going to cross these over like this and then you want to find the notches right there and right there, you're going to have to loosen those up, Iím just going to go ahead and do that. Then take this one and sometimes you might have to use the pliers and sometimes you might not, it really depends on how tight the bracelet is. You can use the pliers instead of this to, to loosen up the notches, but I found out that it tears a lot when you pull on it, if it's got little notches, like if it's got little notches in there, like that, it will tear the Paracord, which most pliers do so it will get a better grip. Anyways, pull that through, cross it over.

All right and there you go, so Iím just going to pull this back so I donít have to cut off so much string, as Iíll probably be able to use it again. There you go and just go ahead and snip each one of these. Go ahead and burn that and you are going to do just the same way you did ends of the bracelet and just go ahead and burn it pretty good, smash it on there. In this case it wouldnít really matter because the braceletís black, but try not to burn that. Say you were making a white bracelet with a pink ribbon in it, you would not want to burn that because youíd be able to see that and it would be very obvious. In this case it doesnít really matter, because Iím using a black bracelet. There we go, and you can get a Sharpie, you can also buy colored ones and just color it the color of the bracelet, that way it will blend in better towards the end of it. Thereís the ribbon. You can actually leave this hanging out a little bit like that, you can leave both sides hanging out like a little bit if you like the way that looks better, but it will loosen right up here and it will look kind of weird and distorted, so thatís it. Bye.
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