How To Tie A Diamond Knot With Loop.

Posted by Stacy on 4/8/2013

This is a knot that is a little diffrerent but really cool way to store paracord when it is finished.


Speaker 1: Hey guys. Today I知 going to show you how to make the crown knot. The reason I知 showing you, it's not my idea, you can find this knot out there all over the place, but I haven't ever seen anybody incorporate it into a snake knot lanyard. I'm going to teach you how to do the knot and I want you to practice on it for a day or two because then I知 going to bring another video out and show you how to incorporate the snake knot, or the diamond knot, into your snake knot lanyard. That way you don't have to put a bead on top and it's a pretty cool knot.

Like I said I知 not the one that invented it, I can't even remember where I found it, but I'm going to show you how to make this knot and how you can incorporate it into a snake knot lanyard. You guys go ahead and stick with this video. I'll be on here in a second showing you how to actually tie this knot and just take your time with it, learn it over the next few days, and then I値l have a video up showing you how to combine that knot with your snake knot to make a nice knife lanyard. All right guys I値l see you in a few minutes.

Okay guys, I知 going to show you how to tie a diamond knot with a loop. The reason I知 showing this is because I want you to practice it because my next video I知 going to show you how to incorporate this knot into a snake knot lanyard that looks really cool. Let's go ahead and begin. What you want to do is to start off with you probably got two feet of paracord. Just something you can practice with. Find the middle of it and then what we want to do is we make a loop. Just like so. Still there's our middle. Now we make another loop, on the other side and that's basically how it should look right there.

Now what we're going to do is we're going to take the tag end up here, we're going to go through this loop and over and under. Now once we get under the other tag end we're going to take the loop, we're going to take the original tag end, we're going to go over, under, and then over. Now we'll just pull us a little bit of slack. Take this top piece, just pull it through a little bit, pull that through, now you should have a [inaudible 00:04:08] there.

Now we'll take this piece here, our original tag end, we'll go over the top and through the middle hole right here. Just lay that aside. Now we'll take this one here and we'll go under the original tag end, behind it, through the first hole and through the middle. Now you got your two ends and there's your original loop. All you do is you start pulling it. Now it might not cinch down perfectly right off the bat, just work your knot and there you go. The diamond knot.

I want you guys to practice this knot. It's not my knot. I didn't invent it, okay. I don稚 know who did, but I知 going to show you how to incorporate this knot into a snake knot lanyard to where you don't have to put the bead on top of your lanyard. You'll have your knot as the bead. All right guys, you go ahead and if you have any comments or questions leave them below and ole Coop will get back to you soon as he can and for now Coops going to say, 鼎oop out.
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