How To Paracord Wrap a Semi Auto Pistol

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013

This is interesting.  Wrapping the handle of a semi automatic pistol with paracord.  I would be concerned about pulling it tightly enough so it does not come apart from recoil.  If it works, I would image that paracord would provide a good grip, and may be a good improvement if you feel your polyomer pistil has a slippery grip.

I can't say that we endorse any firearm modification and advise you to proceed at your own risk.


Speaker 1: Hey guys, just going to show you a quick video here on doing a paracord wrap on your MP 45. As you can see, this guy is cleared. Youíll need about seven feet of paracord, favorite color, and just a knife. First thing, youíre going to take out the guts of the paracord, just pull the stuff out. Iím going to do this off camera here because it gets kind of hard, Iím sure Iíll knock over the camera. Okay. Here are the guts, everything is taken out, and you have your empty sheath right here.

The reason we empty it out is because if you leave the strands inside it actually gets a little too thick. When you start wrapping it around the grip, it gets pretty darn thick. I donít know, maybe some of you guys may like that, I didnít, it was too much for me. All right. What weíre also going to do is with your strands, youíre going to want to cut out I donít know, about 12 inches. Just a little piece, as a fishing line, and weíll look at that later, Iíll show you how to do that.

Okay, first thing. Youíre going to take off the back strap here, pull out your tool, comes out, back strap comes out. Youíre going to take one end of the paracord and just leave it right in there like this, just put it there. Youíre going to take the backstrap and put it over it, and thatís going to hold it in there a little bit. Okay, done with that, take your tool, put it back in. Close up. Push down on the back strap here, so you hold the line in as you tighten it. If you just try and tighten it without holding it down youíll just pull it straight out.

Push down, and just start wrapping it. After you get a few wraps in, and everything is held down pretty tightly, make it nice and snug. This is where youíre going to want to bring out the fishing line. We use this line to pull the extra paracord through, so that it has somewhere to tie it off at. If you donít, youíre going to end up with the strands sticking out at the end and you donít really know what to do with it. What I did, make a little loop, lay it over the end and just pinch it down and hold it there, and just continue wrapping the grip.

Wrapping the paracord around the grip. As you go, flatten it out with your finger. You donít want to have any ripples or lumps in the paracord on the grip. Pull it really tight. You guys canít see this, but my cat is pulling on the extra paracord hanging under the table, itís making this even more difficult. We can do one more. Okay, thatís about as far as we can go. Anymore and weíre going over. Now, youíre going to use the fishing line. You just put the cable through the fishing line, paracord and youíre going to want to just pull it through.

Grab the end up top, see if I can get this. Pull it through, done with the fishing line. Pull the rest of the paracord through and pull it nice and tight. Now the tension from all the wrap that you did is going to hold, keep this line in place. Itís going to keep it nice and sturdy and itís actually really, really hard to move. Thatís not going to come off, thatís going to stay where itís at.

Then you just take your knife, and right in between, you just clip it off. Itís done. Smooth it on out, and thatís it. Your grip is done. Itís nice, clean and thatís not going to come off, thatís going to stay. Iím sure if you really wanted to you can probably put a little glue right here, to really keep it in there or even melt it a little bit, but try it. I donít think youíre going to have any complaints, I think itís pretty darn solid. All right guys, well, have fun.
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