How To Paracord Wrap a Flashlight for Carabiner Attachment

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013

This is a really handy use for paracord.  I typically tie a lanyard to the attachment point on the end of a small flashlight, but I have lost one in the woods when it must have snagged on something and broke the metal attachment point.


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Blake: Whatís up guys? Blake from SKS-14 here. Is it ever pitch-black and you wish you knew where your flashlight was? Youíre feeling around in all your gear and you canít find it? Today Iím going to show you how to paracord wrap something with an attachment point for a carabiner.

Thereís a bunch of different ways that you can do this, but Iím just going to show you a pretty simple way. Itís not Ö You know thereís hundreds of ways to do this probably, but this gets the job done nonetheless. What youíre going to want to do is youíre going to need a little bit of slack right there. Youíre going to need to make a little loop. Youíre going to want to start your loop up there at the top of the flashlight. Then this piece of slack right here, youíre going to want to make sure that thatís what youíre whipping on top of. Youíre going to want to keep that nice and tight.

Started down here, itís a little trickier, but it turns out better overall in the end. What youíre going to want to do is youíre going to want to keep wrapping it around. Youíre going to make sure that itís nice and tight. Youíre going to wrap it around pretty much as many times as you want to. Now you take your loop, and from behind the same piece that you were wrapping it with youíre going to put it through like that. Youíre going to hold it right there for a second. Then youíre going to take the piece that you wrapped on top of. Youíre going to pull both the pieces and youíre going to pull it tight. I want to go down here for this.

Make sure thatís nice and tight like that. I leave a little bit excess so I can do the next thing, which is making the attach point for the carabiner. With this excess right here you can just do any sort of knot that you want to, as long as itís going to work for you and itís going to keep it nice and tight. Okay, so just make sure thatís nice and tight. If you were to pull on it, itís not going to come apart. Then what youíd obviously do Iím not going to it right now for the sake of the video. Snip that, burn the ends so youíre left with just that little attachment point.

Then from here you know the rest is just obvious and itís what you want to do. Take the attachment point and take your carabiner. Then you can put it anywhere you want in your backpack. Itís right there! When itís dark, youíll be able to know where itís at. You attach it if you want to. You have some extra paracord if you ever need it for a survival situation. That also makes a nice little grip, so you know where itís at when itís pitch black. I hope that helps you guys out a little bit!
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