How To Make a Paracord Drink Koozie Pouch PART SIX FINAL!

Posted by Stacy on 1/10/2013
Here it is, the final episode of the paracord koozie based on Stormdrane's design!  As you can see from the finished product, it looks extremely nice when completed.  Let us know how yours comes out!

Speaker 1: To your digression as to what to do. You can kind of go where ever you like and just keep it to where you like the way it looks. Basically, just weave your excess in around the outside and youll end up with another pattern if you do it consistently and just get any hole you see, pull your [inaudible 00:00:28] through. You want to avoid long runs. The longer the piece on the outside, the sloppier it can look. If you guys can see this pretty well, but Im just finding the holes and Im going through them under and out and Im working my way in towards the middle again. You will end up with a nice consistent pouch.

Alright, now I could continue a few more gaps that I see; a couple more on the sides here and whatnot just to continue going around and get those all covered up, but I think you guys get the idea for the purpose of the video. What you want to do is, the piece that you have from the beginning sticking out of the top, you want to end that aligned with one on the bottom, so that theyre at the same place and you can tie them together on the inside, so that they meet. I am going to come with this through the pouch again and like I said, I would close in a few more of these holes, but we want to finish this video. With this one its up here and Im going to bring that one right underneath it.

Now with that one coming through the bottom you dont want to pull it to hard or itll pull a good portion of slack through and deform your bottom. What you want to do is, cut that off a little bit, the yellow, the bottom piece, because its going to be long still and now you have two short pieces, the yellow from the bottom and the blue is the original we started with on top. What were going to do is push the koozie about halfway inside out like that and tie those together. If you are worried putting things on the inside having a large bump on the side, you can gut these pieces like we did in the beginning and give it a better finish. Basically, you are just going to do a little double knot and double check to make that youre not too tight, so youre not deforming the bottom. If those knots are too tight thats pretty good. Sort of flip it inside out again, pull it really nice and snug, but them and burn them. Now were almost done. Im just going to tuck those in for now. You guys know how to cut and burn and youve got a nice koozie thatll sit nice and flat or a pouch if youve filled in all your gaps.

Now Im going to get the piece that I threw on the ground that I cut off and were going to come through around the top to make a cinch. We are going to use the yellows, the vertical lines going up and down to go through. Now I like to start over here, so that this ends up in the back. The first line that we did is the only weak link even though weve tied it, we dont want that coming loose later. I dont want to be coming in and out of there with the cinch, so were going to start over here, so that way we finish right next to it. You are just going to go through there with your fid, around the top row and then you can tie yourself a cinch, like a Celtic Button Knot. Hush. Dogs are going to bark. Once youve done this, you can tie it off with a Celtic Button Knot. You can put a little cinch on there, a little plastic cinch or whatever, but what were going to do is, were going to come to the final one and not go through this one again, but stop right here like that.

Alright, guys you have a pouch. Heres your finished pouch or koozie, you can tighten that right up. If you done things right, youre going to have a few little loose ones on top, but not to many and youre going to have a nice tight bottom and nice even vertical lines and you can get as creative with this as you like, you can make them really big. I hope you guys enjoyed. If you have any questions, Id be happy to do a demo on the Celtic Button Knot that I use for cinch, but youre basically done there guys. So
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