How To Make a Paracord Drink Koozie Pouch PART FIVE

Posted by Stacy on 1/10/2013
It really comes together in this video.  I asked on his Youtube channel how long it takes to make one when he is not doing camera work and instruction.  He responded that it takes around 30 minutes to make one of these.


Speaker 1: Whatís up YouTube? This one is going to be the final how to on the can koozie and weíre going to finish your pouches today. First of all, Iíd like to also just like to say, thanks to Stormdrane. I really appreciate you stopping by and watching and leaving such encouraging positive comments for all of us. I just couldnít have been more flattered; it really, really made my day. Guys go check out Stormdraneís blog. Sub to his YouTube channel, he is a true paracord Jedi guys.

This is going to be the final and one thing I didnít mention is, you can keep all your extra cordage in these Gatorade jigs, which is nice and Iíve got an extra piece there for the end and Iíll show you in a minute. Basically, youíve gone around and youíve lined up all your lines and youíve gotten them as close together as you can and youíre ready to do the bottom. Youíve gone around and done your half hitching and I said Iíd meet you back in the middle. As you go around the outside and work your way in, everything really tightens up, so you can see what youíre working with there.

Iím just going to continue to half hitch, pull that twist and that hole in the center is going to close, continuing to keep the koozie pushed down to keep the bottom flat. I think I mentioned before, if youíre truly going to use this as a koozie, you donít need the bottom to be completely closed off. Those gaps and holes donít really matter as much, so you donít have to do this step if youíre not going to use it as a pouch. Weíve almost closed the center hole off there, just going to continue half hitching around. Iíve got a lot of glare on my viewfinder; I hope you guys are getting a good view. Iím going to go through one more time and that ought to close the center pretty well and weíll be able to fix it if it doesnít. Sorry guys. Alright, now at this point the hole in the center is almost gone and youíre really ready to take it off. Youíve got a pouch, youíve got a koozie.

Now you could really finish right there if you wanted to like I said or you can make this as detailed as you want as far as closing in those holes. What I like to do, Iím going to go right back down through the center again and Iím pulling through the inside of the pouch. Now Iím going to start on the outside and Iím going to work my way around these holes, filling in those gaps as we go. You can really start wherever, but youíre going to come through the outside. Consistency is again going to be the key here. Iím going to go clockwise and Iím going to go under and then over alternating around the outside. This is going to help close those holes up. Just keep everything nice and lined up, but Iím going to go under the next hole and then out. You can see this is going to start closing all those holes and covering up those holes, so that if you are going to use this as pouch, youíre going to be good to go. Again, under the next one and out through the top. This part does not have to be pulled super tight; you just want it to be flush and somewhat tight. See how thatís closing in around? That will start to look better and better as we go. The less gaps and holes you have the better. Keep your twist pulled out. So Iím coming up here was the last one and Iím going to go under here and up there.
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