How To Make Paracord Mummy Skull Bead Lanyard (video)

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013
A fun little project. Start making them now and them leave a few hundred laying around the house for Halloween!

Click Here for skull beads!


Speaker 1: Hey, everything, itís Tim here and today I have got a tutorial for you. We are learning how to make mummy paracord lanyards. I saw the pictures of these on a website. Just through a little bit of deductive logic, itís just paracord, not rocket surgery. I was able to just figure out how they made them. Very, very easy. I thought I would share with you guys how to make these in case you were interested. Letís get to the tutorial.

For the fat mummy, youíll need about 4.5 feet, 4 Ĺ feet of gutted 550 paracord. For the skinny mummy about three feet. That again depends on the length at which you want to make the body. This is about an inch and a half, I believe. You can play with that. You can always adjust the length of the paracord you work with if you want a longer body.

First things, first, letís get this bead threaded on to the paracord. The easiest way I found is by taking one of the inner threads of your 550 and youíre just going to double it over, like this. Then youíre going to feed it through the middle of your 550, like this. Then, youíre going to take these two ends and insert it through the top of the skull, just like that. This and then we can do that to drag the rest of the cord through.

From there, Iím going to use my, the one Iíve already made for reference. There we so. From here to here is about an inch and a half. Of course, you can adjust this if you want a longer loop. I think this is also about an inch and a half. There we go. Weíve got it set up.

Now, next step is very easy. The top two cords, all youíre going to do is the very famous cobra stitch. Youíre going to do this, Iím going to make my S like this. Here, put this one under. Put this one over. Here. Then Iím going to tighten it. Thatís the beginning. To continue going down this way, just going to do the cobra stitch which is very well known. Again, weíre going to do the S on the other side. Weíre going to pull it through. Iím going to cinch it up. Hereís where I usually like to tighten it. Get it nice, any slack out of there, just pull on it. Youíre just going to continue your way all the way down. Iíll just do it one more time. All the way through.

Now we see that we got the beginnings of our skinny mummy lanyard. Iím just going to continue weaving. I will show you the part where we start to make the fat mummy lanyard. Now, Iíve got my skinny mummy. If you are happy with this, you can stop right here, cut the excess off and singe it with a lighter and youíre finished. However, if you want to keep going and make the fat mummy, very easy. All you do is just turn it around. Now, weíre going to continue weaving down this way. Itís almost like doing the king cobra stitch where you go over the cobra stitch one more time.

I see that my loop here is facing down so Iím going to make the first S on this side. Again, same thing just with the S over, loop it through, and tighten. Just do it one more time, sit side. Tighten. Weíre just going to keep going all the way up to here and then again just cut off the excess and melt it. Then you will have when youíre finished, you will have one of these guys.

Just to show you guys the finished products. We have a close-up here. Here is the skinny mummy. Hello. Next, the fat mummy. There he is, slighter fatter mummy. I like this one a bit more. And, went a little crazy with this one. Here is King Mummy. Remember I had those date wood beads that I had and I wasnít sure what I was going to do with them but now I know. Make these of larger lanyards with this guy. This is just the king cobra stitch and I went over it again up to here just to make, it looks like he has shoulders. Itís pretty cool. This one is a lot larger. Itís going to go on my keys. I really like it. There we have it. One happy mummy family.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions, let me know. Also, and if you guys just donít have the time to order the beads and get all the paracord and all thatís stuff, let me know if you guys want one. Iíd be more than willing to make one and ship one out to you. Iím not going to charge you guys that much money. The paracord and the beads, theyíre very, very cheap. Youíre really just paying for my time and the bit of shipping costs. Let me know if you guys are interested, these mummy lanyards. Of course you know if you got the time and whatever, go ahead and make some yourself. Itís super, super easy. Thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned for a lot more cool stuff. Thatís about it. See you guys next time.

Hey man, want to hear a joke? Okay. Whatís the most important day in Egypt? I donít know, what is it? Mummyís Day.
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