How To Make A River Bar Paracord Survival Bracelet

Posted by Stacy on 4/15/2013

For all of you out there who make bracelets and are always looking for new ideas, here is another neat bracelet that looks pretty cool when finished and has all your friends wanting one.


Speaker 1: Hey, guys. What's up? It's Hobbit Assassin08 here. I know, like I always say, is I've have had a video a while, but honestly Ive decided that I need to get back into the YouTube thing. I cant let my viewers down. So here, as you can see, I have ordered three hundred feet paracord right after I made my first couple of paracord videos which were pretty big hits with viewers. I ran out of paracord, because I had about 50 feet. Here, as you can see, I have 300 feet, I have red, white and then I ordered black, but there was a mistake in the order and I ended up with green with black flexed, but it's all right, I can live with it.

But anyways, this video that Im going to this tutorial is on how to make the river bar design which is right here on this bracelet. My first video was on how to make the cobra design and it seemed to be a pretty big hit with everyone. I have a linked to it in the description down there, but it's fairly simple, beginner. Ill be coming out with a video showing you how to make the king cobra knot, which is not very much different from this. It's just a little bit added to it. But if you wanted to check that out, like I said, there is a link down there or on my videos page it should be there, but this is what we are focusing on today. This is River bar in it. Before we start that, I'd like to just share a couple of tips to you and make sure we have all the essentials before I move into actually showing you how to make it.

First off, Id recommend a pair of decently sharp scissors, you can use a knife, but I wouldnt recommend it because when you cut, you cut your paracord, there is an inner core. And so, if you are using a knife, and you pull with it, you can pull the core out a little bit, which just makes it difficult and you're going to have to cut that off anyways, which then if you pull this much inner core out and you need it down to here cutting out with a knife isnt very easy, so Id recommend a pair of nice sharp scissors. Also it's necessary that you're going to need a bic or whatever lighter, Zippo works fine, I use that in my first video, this is just what I have around, you're going to need that.

It's recommended, which makes it a lot easier if you have a carabineers, like I have here. Basically what these are for is, you can hook them on to something and some of the designs of the paracord require that you have them wrap around something like a pencil. What this does is you've secured to something, make sure it has a lot of tension and then for example this design, I don't know if I showed you how to make it, but if not Ill go ahead and have a video up here soon, but these parts wraps around the carabineer and instead of like getting stuck, you just slide it right off when you are done, makes it extremely simple. Id recommend these.

The other two things that, like I said, if I don't have tutorials on, I know I don't have a tutorial on this, which is the monkey ball, our monkey fist key chain with like noose, I don't know, well Ill have a technical name for it in the video, but thats basically what I wear on my keys and then this I wear one well here's on in black and there's very fairly simple ways. Now, Ive showed you what's going on, we're going to go ahead and move into start, making the bracelet. I think Im going to use red and white just like this one, so yeah.

All right, guys, were back here and we just finished the introduction portion of the video, where I showed the basic essentials of what you need to make the paracord, the scissors, the lighter, as well as, some tips like the carabineer and what-not. But basically this is the tutorial section of video where Ill be showing how to actually make the bracelet and the one were doing today is this one, which is known as the River bar or senate, knot, tie, whatever you want to call it, but basically what it gives you is this very cool alternating design where you can use dual tone colors, you basically just get white red, white red, white red and it turns up pretty cool, holds about 10 feet paracord in total. So were going to set that off to the side, pull this off to the side.

Now, what we have here is, paracord. So you are going to need two strands of paracord and each strand of paracord going to need to be about five feet and five and half feet and make sure both strands are the same size. Basically, and as long as there are about five feet, you should be good to go, and I already have some pre-cut first, Im going to go ahead and throw this off as well. I'm going to go ahead and bring out the other paracord.

Here I have a white strand and a red strand and once you have your five foot strands, you're going to want to fold them over in half and grab them into half way point and make a loop like so, you're just grabbing them, pinching them, pretty easy to do. And the first step here to make the bracelet is were going to take the one side, well go at the right for this, slide up through here and basically as if you were, I don't know how to explain it, just bring it through like so, all right?

This is what you're going to get. You see it's tied through itself, now all were going to do is were just going to bring it down like so and pull the white through. Now, what we've got is a piece that goes around and then comes back through to the middle, just leave about an inch there at the top and try to tighten this down a little bit. It's always good to have a nice and tight, it gets more paracord in there and looks a lot cleaner, a lot nicer. But don't stress too much, if it's difficult for you, because the second knot you will be able to adjust it and it will be real nice. You should have this, now that we're done, which basically like you see is just too red hanging down the middle and then with white on the outside and now to begin the actual pattern what we're going to do is were going to take the outside, were going to take this right one first, were just go over or pardon me, were going to go inside out and then back around.

Basically, you just go in, one complete turn, around the entire loop were going to call it. Same thing, you're just going bring the other one in, bringing it out and you are going to bring it around. All right, so this what you should have right now. I don't know if you could see that. All right. I know, that you're going to take this side and right here where the white strand comes down and the red one crosses over. Were going to take the one on the left side that you brought over and were going to string it through and then were going to do the same thing with the right side, you string it through right there. Sorry, if I get off screen a little bit, this is just, Im bent over the share, so this is kind of hurting my back and all right.

Now, this is where youll get to adjust it and make sure it's all nice and tight, just work it around a little bit to where you feel like it's good, pull these up a little bit, tighten them, Ill show you this here in a second, what you should have once you have done tighten it and all. All right. Now that Ive tightened it all, this is basically what you should have, you should have two red pieces down and a piece across, then it looks they swooped out the white ones now on the outside and the red ones in the inside.

Now, for the next step, fairly simple, we're just going to take the red, wrap it around to the outside, all right. Hold on. Give me a second. When you're working with long strands of paracords sometimes a little difficult and basically, were going to do the exact same thing now that we have them on the outside. Were just going to take wrap it around the back, go through this little hole. All right, set that there and then take this one and bring it through, here, there we go. So it's basically the same thing again. Were just going to tighten that up, pull on these white strand little bit. Okay. Just try to make it look as clean as possible and everything should turn out okay.

Then, once again, your back, you just basically keep repeating this process and you should be good and so again what Im going to do is Im going to take, every time you alternate basically what you're going to want to do is, see we had the red ones here and now it's the white, you're going to want to display out in the middle, so as long as you're not like spreading it apart, it should be good which basically like this, you should be good, as long as you got that basic form in there and it comes around and ties. I mean you cant. There are times you can mess up, like you actually take the red in turn it through. Although we basically do it, it will look a little bit odd obviously double reds, I wouldnt recommend it because it really, honestly, I don't think it makes it look any better, it looks pretty bad if you ask me, but basically you just keep doing this all the way down and obviously this is going to take a little bit. Im going to go ahead and pause the video and Ill be right back at you whenever I Im almost done.

Once again, just make sure it's all nice and clean, just like so and so you should start getting this basic alternating pattern coming now which will match the other one. All right. So will be right back. All right. We back now and Ive rolled all the way down bracelet, here's the front side. I have now like Ill do one more just so I can keep the connecting piece the same color. Round back through there, round back through there, pull, make sure it's nice and tight, all right. There we have it, as you can see this one was longer than that one, but this one is mostly not, this one is pretty much going to be all braid, pardon me and Im trying make sure it's the right size, yep, were good.

So basically to finish it off completely, what we're going to do is, were just going to take a scissors and these two pieces they come out the side, we don't need those at all. Snip them, not as close as possible, but maybe about that much left. Let's do the other side too pardon the shadow, Im casting on this. All right. Now, what were left with is, two stubs and then long white piece coming out. We're just going to take our lighter. Were going to were just going to burn down the pieces, pardon the people in the background, all right, so all right. It can do that and melt this down and make sure they are good and secure in there. So, maybe just get that a little bit better and smash it there. Now Im just going to take the white, right, tie it in a little knot, just do that. Just now Ive got a knot there, make sure it looks good. All right. It looks pretty good. I'm going to go ahead and cut both of those, just like that, so were just going to melt this last part, just smash it down and there you have it. We have a finished river bar. There you go, there's the one familiar, and if you need a better tutorial just let me know and Ill work on it. Sorry, for the people in the background and everything else this has been Hobbit Assassin08 thanks for watching.
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