How To Make A Firesteel Paracord Fob

Posted by Stacy on 1/9/2013
We can across this paracord fob idea on Youtube from Mrcoop1967.  I have dozens of fobs attached to everything you could imagine.  They are also a great gift idea.

Paracord Firesteel - YouTube

Click here for some carabiner ideas to put on the end of yours!


Coop: Hey guys. Coop here. Today, Iím going to show you guys how to Ö make a firesteel lanyard/key fob/paracord, yada, yada. I donít know what they call it. I havenít seen anything like this out there. The closest thing that Iíve seen to this out there are the bracelets. This is just a spin-off of the bracelets that has your Ö thatís going to have your firesteel, 5/8ths firesteel. Itís going to have, of course, have your paracord, a striker plate, and itíll have some jute twine interweaved in it, as well, for tinder.

Weíre going to be making that and I also wanted to put a demo out there on the new jigs that Iíve been selling, just to show you guys how the pins work. I hope you like what you see, guys.

Letís get started. Iíve already got my string already and my paracord already spliced together, so pretty much, Iím just going to take it through the little clamp that I have here, pull it all through just like we do on a bracelet. I am going to do that all black and I want the join piece to be on the inside. Iím going to hook it there, come up, and go around the two pegs, the lanyard pins. This will also show you how these lanyard pins are used, guys.

All right. We got that all set up right there and weíre just going to go ahead and take our firesteel here Ö and whereís my little clamp? Thereís my little clamp. Iím going to take the old firesteel and Iím going to leave it about an inch outside of the actual lanyard. Now, weíre going to use this clamp, just to hold it, just long enough for me to get the first knot started. Once I get the first knot started, then Iíll pull it off. As always, Iím going to start with my dominant hand first, so weíre going to go over everything, around the back, through the hole, just like we do on any cobra stitch. Now, thisíll be the hardest part of this whole thing, is getting this first knot started.

Once you get it started, clamp comes off. Now, you can adjust how far out you want your firesteel. I want mine to stick out about an inch. We go ahead and we start working our knot, just like we do on the regular cobra knots. The only difference between this one and the bracelets, guys, is that the bracelets just have a little one inch piece of ferro rod. This has got a four inch piece, I believe. I want to put a link down below to a buddy of mine, Prepper Kip. I actually won this 5/8ths ferro rod in his Appreciation Contest and I want to say, thank you, Kip. Itís really come in handy. Guys, you all need to go over and check out Prepper Kip, awesome channel, he loves his guns and stuff. Right now, he just started a little series, where heís out actually panning for gold. You guys go over and check him out. Tell him Coop sent you.

Anyway, guys, like I said, we just continue on with our paracord. Now, Iím going to make this pretty thick. Iím going to make the King Cobra out of it, the double-cobra. We just keep on down, just like we do anything else. Now, you donít have to. You can just make the single cobra, because itís going to be wide enough and strong enough that itíll hold everything in there just right. Iím going to go ahead and make the King Cobra, just for the extra cordage.

All right, guys, as you can see, there she is. Now what Iím going to do is Iím going to pull this off, pull these two pins out, put my top pin up, take my two pins, flip it over, pop them in, put that back and now Iím ready to continue down with my Ö to make my cobra, my King Cobra. Iím going to take this one; Iím going to switch it up, to where Iíve got black on the top and green on the bottom and just kind of give it a little better look.

You guys can see where Iím going with this. Itís not real hard and gives you extra firesteel, also gives you nice handle to work with. Okay. Weíre coming to the end of our knot here and Iíll do one more loop just to make her nice and tight. Now as you can see where Iím going with this, guys. Now weíll pull out our pins and you just slide them out the bottom. How I finish it off is I take my paracord, because those pins make a big enough hole, now you can take your paracord and put it right through that hole. Might need your pliers for this. Iím going to pause you guys here for a minute and Iím going to get my pliers.

Okay guys, Iím back with you. Now, Iíll just take my old pliers, stick them through that hole and make it big enough that I can get my cord through it. Get my green cord. Of course, Iím going to put it through my pliers like you do if you were weaving it in anything else. Letís just mash her down so it be a little easier to grab ahold of.

Stick it right in them pliers. Pull her on through. All right. Now we go to the backside, do the same thing. Better get my end here and mash her on down. There.

I want to take a minute to tell you guys go over and check out Paracordist 99. Iíll put his link down below. Heís got a contest going on. Heís a really nice young man. Heís into paracording stuff. I think you guys would get a kick out of his channel.

Anyways, guys, as you can see what Iíve done here, now you might be able to, you might not but if you can pull this, pull it, that way you can tighten up your loops on the end but more than likely since youíve got two colors in there, youíre not going to be able to. What Iím going to do is Iím going to snip it and burn it. Thatíll just be the best way I can keep it all locked together. Snip. Take the old lighter and lock it together.

Now, if you want to take that apart to get your cordage, you can. Same way on this side. Snip it. Burn it. Flatten it. By flattening it like that, that causes a little lip. Everybody knows about that, kind of locks it in, but as you can see, makes a nice, fine little firesteel. You also got a handle to hold onto the steel.

Anyway, guys, I hope you get the idea. The jute twine, what Iíll do is, Iíll take my striker plate, once I figure out what Iím going to use, and Iíll come back with another video on that later but youíll just take your jute twine and roll it up through there.

Okay, guys, now that you can see how Iíve made the handle with paracord for your firesteel, as the firesteel wears down, you can always just take it and twist is and pull it out a little bit more. It will just come out farther and farther because youíve got three inches of firesteel there.

Once again, guys, you guys go over and check out Prepper Kip, check out Paracordist 99. They got some awesome channels. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to put them below. Iíll get back to you any time that you post a comment, more than likely.

I appreciate your support. I appreciate you watching my channel. Means a lot to me. Hope this helps answer some of the questions for some of the people buying my paracord jigs, on how the lanyard pins work.

With that being said, my friends, old Coopís pretty much going to say, Coop. Out.
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