How To Butterfly Coil and Store A Large Amount of Paracord

Posted by Stacy on 2/14/2013

The Butterfly Coil is used by climbers to store and carry climbing rope as in the video below.  This coil can also be used to easily store a large amount of paracord.


Speaker 1: Hey weíre today on Conway Cannon, itís a beautiful march day, keeping pretty warm, good time and temp, so we going to move out of steam mode and go to climbing mode here a little bit. Today weíre going to show you how to coil a rope. A lot of people what they do is they use a butterfly coil, which is really good, because itís not near as coli. The coil, they just go around in a circle, it kinks a rope on every single lap, so butterfly coil is really the way to go.

Unfortunately what a lot of people do is theyíll start with both ends and theyíll work their way to the middle. Now they do this so that both ends are nice and neat, it makes a nice clean finish, they are the same length and they can tie it into a back pack really easily. The problem with this method is since you start with both ends; both ends are either on the top or the bottom, so you donít have a nice stacked rope when you get to the crag, you have to flake the rope at it every single time.

You donít want to be messing with your rope, you want to be climbing. Instead what you do is start with one end of the rope, give it about two arm lengths. Then Iím going to put my hand down by the waist here, fingers out. We are going to come up and around my head and Iím going to cross on the way down. Every single time I do this, Iím going to go straight up, cross down, straight up, cross down, straight up, cross down.

What that does is it creates layers in the rope here, so your rope is perfectly stacked and you get to the crag. Itís a weird method to get used to and it looks like youíre creating a mess when you first do it. I promise you that Iím not, but the nice thing about it, is it goes really fast. This is a 60 meter rope. You get down towards the end there, throw your ends out, make sure their nice and even. Here I have one end thatís not quite as long as the other one and itís going to be this guy here, so Iím going to throw it one more.

Then Iím going to stick my hands on the rope, pull it apart, and you have your nice neat butterfly coil. Grab it in the middle and have your two ends and youíre going to wrap them nice, high, and tight. A lot of people just kind of do a couple of these and then throw the rope through. You can see those people when they pull the rope out of their pack. You do it nice, high, and tight like that. Take your ends; stick it through the middle as a loop very nicely there. You singe that down you have a nice loop package.

If you want a backpack coil thing, weíll throw it on and a lot of people get all uptight about their ends not being perfect, so here Iíve got and itís a little bit longer together. All Iím going to do is wrap that around again. You can singe it down into a back coil and youíre all finished. Then when you get to the crag and you lay your rope down. You see a lot of people laying it down incorrectly which seems like a really weird to say, but itís the truth.

When you lay it down you have one end thatís on the bottom and one end thatís on the top. Donítí lay it down like this. Just pick your top end, hang on to the thing. Let that guy down, tie on end, and youíll never ever have to worry about snags. Thatís it.
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