How Loud is the ParacordStore.com Whistle Buckle?

Posted by Stacy on 1/10/2013
Watch the video to find out. Staring Shawn, who actually has his own Youtube cooking channel! As I explain in the video, it is extremely important when in a survival situation that someone can find you. Incorporating one into a paracord survivial bracelet is easy with our whistle buckle!

Want a paracord survival whistle? CLICK HERE!


Speaker 1: What would you do if you got lost in the woods? Well, you need not only a survival equipment, but the most important thing is something that … so that other people can actually find you. We are testing today the Paracordstore.com whistle buckle. It is a five eights buckle with a whistle on the side that you can make into a paracord bracelet or whatever project you want. We have our eager tester here ready to do it, so go ahead and let’s see how loud that thing is.

Okay, I don’t know how that came through on the video, but it was earsplitting for me. Now remember if you’re in an emergency situation you give that three good beeps, because three is the universal signal for help. Remember to visit us at Paracordstore.com. Thanks everybody.
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