HUGE Paracord Monkey Fist Using A Billiard Ball! ( How To Video )

Posted by Stacy on 2/28/2013

My gosh!  A Monkey fist was originally developed to cast lines from ship to shore or ship to ship, so I've seen many large ones.  But, using paracord, a much thinner cord, these are usually tied much smaller.  WeekendGunners gives very clear instruction on how to make this:


Speaker 1: Whatís going on everybody? This is Longliver. Quite a while ago, one of my very first videos was showing you how to make a monkey fist. That video has over 10,000 views now. Thank you everybody who watched that and learned from that. Got good reviews about it, thank you for watching and I hope I did at least a little bit of good. †

This is a one inch weight, like so, itís a kind of small, you know what I mean? This would whack somebody but itís not really what we need it for. I just get rid of that stuff. And I want to show you one of my new creations : Boom! This is a giant monkey fist. This thing is almost three inches across, weighs seven ounces, or six ounces, sorry. Whatís actually inside of this, instead of a one ounce weight, is a billiard ball. Like I said, it weighs six ounces. †

Iíve got one thatís on a 36 inch lanyard with a wrist loop. This is my little Ö I call this one Brain Damage, itís just got a handle on it, as you can see. Itís got that nice diamond knot pattern for the lanyard. This takes, Iím going to show how to make one of these, you canít do it by hand, so Iím going to show you how I do it. Hopefully you can learn how I do it. Thatís basically the same process as the other one except for Iím going to show you how to do the little knot and the diamond lanyard and how to do that. Stay tuned, Iíll show you in a second.†

†All right, so you heard that old adage: it donít have to look pretty, it just has to work. This is my little jig that I made. Youíll find a lot better looking ones, for 20, 30 bucks. Iíve made mine for about 35 cents, maybe, just with scrap lumber I had and some old pencils that I needed for school that I didnít need anymore. Real simple to make. As you can see itís not exactly perfect, it doesnít matter, it just has to be close.

Drill one, drill another one, I put mine about two and a quarter inches apart, drop the ball in and then just set the pencils in, mark where you think it should go on both sides, drill a whole and thereís your jig. †

First things first: I also have gotten questions on how to put on a needle. I cut mine straight. What I mean by that is, some people will cut their paracord in an angle. I cut mine straight across, so itís straight. I pinch it in half to make it so itíll fit, like so. I just stick the end in the needle, screw and it holds really well. Thatís not even close to being in a focus but it doesnít matter. † Drop the part with your needle on it to the floor or wherever youíre working. Go to the opposite end. What you want to do is, you want to have about 36 inches or so measured out. About 36 inches loose, tie a knot like so and now what youíre going to do is youíre going to pick one of the pencils, stick that loop over, tighten it down. Now that canít go anywhere. This will actually be one of your ends and youíll see how that works in a moment.†

For this pattern I do eleven, eleven, eleven. You go around eleven times. Totally have not been keeping track. Two, four, six, eight, ten. You want to make sure thatís eleven on all sides. You can hear my dishwasher upstairs draining. All sides now have eleven. †

You want to walk the cord up the pencils just a little bit just to give you a gap. I suddenly find myself needing to pee. Walk the ball up so itís sitting in the middle of the paracord, so you can see you have a gap now. Now just like before, youíll just wrap around like so. You can see once you get eleven, you just grab it and go acrossed and then you will take your handy-dandy paracord needle, drop it down through the gap and pull it through. Like before you will do this eleven times. This takes a little bit longer than the other times so Iím going to go ahead and stop the camera and weíll be with you momentarily. †

Once you have eleven all the way around, on all four, six, eight, whatever, on all sides you can see this comes straight up, thatís my eleventh, across. Now what you are going to go do is you are going to go ahead and go up and then down through the gap. Youíre going down through here. Then youíre going to go acrossed, then youíre going to go back up the opposite end. It is a very tight fit. You might have to walk the ball up just a little bit more to get the needle to fit. This is almost impossible to do without a needle. Iím just going to tell you now. Itís slightly easier if you have, I want to call them, calipers or little needle nose pliers, a little bit easier. Then you just pull it up. Just like before you just lay it across, down, through the bottom and back up. You do that eleven times. When Iím done with that, weíll be back.

Now that youíve got eleven on all sides, as you can see, eleven on all sides you have two free parts that come off opposite corners, now you can go ahead and slip it off. Grab it behind, pull strait towards you. As you can see itís nice in here, itís not going to fall out. Going to start on one side. I am actually, as you can tell, Iíve got a bunch of extra on the one trailing end. I am actually going to start on that side and tighten it up from that direction. Iím not going to make you sit and watch all this because you know how to do this. This is exactly the same as my other tutorials. Just pull it through, tighten it up all the way around keep track of the cords as you go. When we come back weíll show you how to make the diamond knot off of this to create the lanyard.

Youíve got it nice and tight, everything is pretty much even. You have two free strands across from each other. The next step would be to do a diamond knot. Iíve already showed you how to do that once in my other videos. Go check it out if you want to know how to do that and when we come back Iíll show you how to do the seesaw knot. That knot is done. Just try to get it pretty much even. One tip for when youíre making this, this is considered the lanyard, so like the loop, this is considered the loop. And these are the free ends, in case you kind of stumbled there. For the seesaw knot, you can weave in another color in the knot to make it two tone. I find itís just easier to make a loop, put it around, like so. Then youíre going to pull it apart. You can see how you have a top loop, two ones in the middle and then the lowest loop. Youíre going to take the very top one and just like in my seesaw tutorial, youíre just going to do like so.

This cord is way too short for this. I am just doing for an explanation. Now you can see that this one is on top, back behind, grab like so and then pull it tight. I also have a video on how to do this knot. If youíre getting confused go watch one of those. Thereís your seesaw, at least the beginnings of one. Just keep doing that until you get all the way down to the bottom. Real simple, real fast, doesnítít take too long itís one heck of a big monkey fist. Definitely does some damage. You can throw it a long way if you need to. Itís good for thunking things over the head. For the handle: Once you get down to the very end for the handle you will have four cords which will be the ends of this. Once you get down to the very end figure out how long of a handle that you want and then just do a simple cover weave over top. If these are the four cords, they just dive into this. Itís all the way down and I just did another knot here down the bottom. I left these on because it looked kind of cool.

Thatís the tutorial, leave comments down below if you have any problems. If you liked it please ďlikeĒ it, comment. Please subscribe if you would. Thank you again for watching. If you have any ideas for videos that you guys want to see please comment down below, let me know and Iíll see if I can do it. Thereís some cool stuff coming up, not ready to announce it yet but I have a partnership with someone. It will be freaking amazing to work with them. Thanks for watching and have a great one.
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