Four Loops at the Buckle on Your Paracord Bracelet

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013

A helpful tip from the redmule02 channel.  This dresses up a bracelet when you are using 5/8" buckles (rather than the smaller 3/8"), which is common expecially when making a king cobra braid.

Note that in the video, double slot 5/8" buckles are used.  Double slot buckles have an "adjuster bar" for use with webbing, while a single slot will be shorter and more appropriate for a bracelet.  I prefer a single slot buckle (click here).  But, we carry the double slot as well (click here), which are almost as popular.


Speaker 1: Remeo02 here. I got a PM from another view. They were wanting to know how to get the four strand loop here. Itís not very hard. Iím guessing that theyíre pretty new to the paracording. Thatís cool. Iím always willing to help. I apologize for not remembering your name. I deleted the PM before I could write your name down so Iím hoping that you see the video and that this helps you out. Letís get started.

Basically what I did was, you take the bottom piece because thatís where I always start on my paracord is on the bottom piece, like so. Let me adjust the light in here a little bit, guys. There we go. Take the top of it and I push it through. It comes out the bottom. There we go. You get something like this. What I do is I just feed them through the middle of the loop and pull them out the other side. Then I adjust this a little bit. Then, what you want to do is take the top one, move these down a little bit so you have some room. Take the top one, top piece of the rope and I go through the bottom and out the top. Then feed it through the middle here. Just like that and pull it through. That one wanted to go with it. I guess he missed his buddy. Just like that. Then, you take the bottom one and do the exact same thing.

Let me see if I can get that one into frame for you guys. Pull that to the side. Make sure that, that piece is flat and that usually helps out but itís going to make a liar out of me today. Itís kind of hard to do this from behind the camera. There we go. Just bring it out like so. Then you feed it through the middle of the loop again just like that. If it will come through the loop for me. Just like that. Then, what youíll do is, youíll just tighten this thing up by moving the cords around and doing this little number here. If you got to, you can always pull them back through and just adjust the knot, make it smaller. Thatís, that end.

To do the top end is basically the same thing. Itís not that hard. This is the top end. This is where the flat piece is coming to play. Iím hoping they go through without a hiccup. You come up and you go through them just like so. Iím going to pull enough cord through here so I can loop them around. You feed them down one at a time or two at a time. Move that one out of the way. Youíll feed them through like normal. Just like that. What I like to do is keep these in the middle, like so. To do this, youíll have to move them to the side for a second. Then, what youíll do is youíll come up behind here so all youíre doing is looping them. You come out this end and then you go back down again. You want to make sure you keep these out of the way to give it as much room as possible. Thatís key. Just pull it through. There you got three so far.

You just pull all these to the side and you take the other side here and you can actually pull it down like that. You feed it through the back like that. Come on thing. Just like so. Pull it up. Pull these down again like I said to get them out of the way. Try to do this without getting my hands in the way, like that. Then you feed it through the bottom. Hopefully it goes through there. Thatís why I say you need to pull them down because of the Ö There we go. Come on thing. There we go.

There you go. Youíve got four there and you can easily just pull these down and tighten them up and then start on your whichever weave that youíre going to use. If youíre going to do the cobra then you know you start whichever way you want with whatever color is going to do that. You come up from behind. Go on top of this one here and then you bring the bottom around and over the two in the middle, out the other side, and you tighten it up. Just like that. There you go. The other end is right here. Thatís what it will look like. Weíre here for you. Youíll tighten that up so that will go away so basically youíll have that going on.

Thatís what youíll get guys and thatís as easy as itíll get. Once you do it a few times, you wonít even need me to show you how. Again, I apologize for not remembering your name and putting your name in there but I hope this helps you. If you need anymore help, let me know. As always, support yourselves, support each other, support our second amendment. Thanks guys. Bye.
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