First Aid Medical Kit #1 Review

Posted by Stacy on 2/4/2013

Video review we did on one of our most important products, a small medical kit that contains high quality first aid gear.

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Speaker 1: Hey everybody another Paracordstore.com video. I want to talk a little bit about one of our products that we think is actually one of the most important things that we offer and that’s for safety kits, we offer several and we’ll probably do a few more videos, but I wanted to start off with this one. I want to talk a little bit about a story and this goes back a few years ago when I was living and working in North Carolina, now I’m up in Pennsylvania, but anyways I was following a truck very early in the morning, a small pickup truck and to make a long story short he got off the road a little bit, hit a few bumps and driveways, came out to the road, and got into a gully, overcorrected, and wound up flipping his truck several times landing in the ditch on the opposite of the road. Of course I stopped, got him and the passenger out of the vehicle and I was extremely glad that I had a reasonably good first aid kit in my vehicle and I do have just a very small amount of first aid training, by no means am I an expert or an EMT, but certainly in that moment and moments that have happened since, I’ve been very, very glad that I was at least somewhat prepared.

You’re really not going to be prepared for something like that mostly likely if you buy one of the cheaper imported first aid kits that you might buy at a large retail store, you know the kind that usually come in a yellow plastic box and a few Band-Aids, some antiseptic wipes in them, maybe some plastic tweezers that you’re supposed to do something with. That’s why we offer this at Paracordstore.com, because we do offer more than Paracord and we offer several preparedness products. I want to walk you through our tactical trauma kit number one, this comes in three different colors, we have them in black, we have them in coyote brown, and we have them in my personal favorite, because it looks like the med kits in Left For Dead video game, we have them in red.

I’ll open one of these here up so you can see what we have inside and its’ more than just again bandages or Band-Aids I should say. It has what you need to cope with a larger situation whether it be a stranger or heaven forbid a family member, or one of your children gets hurt. It could even be if you’re at the playground and that kid takes a tumble, winds up with a big gash on their head or something, at least you’ll have something beyond Band-Aids and plastic tweezers. Let’s take a look at what we got here, it comes in a course of a nice case, we’re just going to start pulling things out in no particular order, sterile absorbent pads, a package of burn ointments, some ammonia inhalants, some Band-Aids, ibuprofen, a little bit of gauze tape, safety pins, a set of metal tweezers, basic first aid instructions, how to position a person, airway, choking, cardiac arrest, bleeding, shock, poisoning, burns, fractures, heat exhaustion, cold exposure, seizure, and diabetes.

It gives a few paragraphs on each I guess enough to make it dangerous enough, but enough to at least help you out with coping with a situation. I really do think that it is everybody’s responsibility to get at least a little bit of formal first aid training, but in lieu of that or even if you have it or if you’ve had first aid training years ago, it is good to have a little flier or what have you to give you some reminders on what to do in certain situations, so onward and right towards the top a couple of latex gloves to protect yourself especially if your coming to the aid of a stranger, a what I want to call this an ace bandage, but it’s not the ace brand, it’s a Dynarex brand manufactured in the United States.

Certainly if you have any EMTs watching this video they’ll recognize these kind of scissors, these are the kinds of scissors that are for cutting off clothing relatively quickly with a guard so you’re not going to injure the person that you’re working on, then what else goes on, triangular bandages, safety pins to go with them, three dressings, topper dressing sponges, 4 x 4, you get three of those, and I believe this is the last thing in the kit, a bleed stop bandage which is a multipurpose wound and trauma dressing. Again you’re getting the basics and it wouldn’t take long to have to refill this if you came across some sort of an emergency, but it is packaged in a nice small container, and again if you respond or have a need to use this, it doesn’t come with 20 of these, it only comes with three, it only comes as one of these, but it will give you enough so you can at least respond to an immediate situation and then go ahead and restock your kit. The case itself you can attach this to your webbing gear, you can attach it to your backpack. I have one thrown in the back of each my family’s vehicles. If you have any questions certainly let us know at Paracordstore.com, we have these in stock in all three colors, and I hope you have a great day, take care everybody.
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