Fast Deployment Survival Bracelet ( How to)

Posted by Stacy on 2/12/2013

Another quick deploy paracord project from MeZillch.  The author makes a good point: you may be afraid to take apart your survival bracelet, but this one is easy to pull apart and easy to put together.  He also shows some other uses for the bracelet, like using as a carrier.


Speaker 1: For the [inaudible 0:00:03], the little design I prefer just a simple basic overhand knot, nothing special. For the bracelet, I prefer an Ashley Stopper Knot. Take a loop and fold it down so you have two loops. Tuck one loop in here. Take the tails. Stick it into that loop. Now, tighten this side first then this, and then finally, the tail at the top. I like having a nice large tail here because this acts as an assist when you're both putting the bracelet on and taking the bracelet off. It acts a quick release.

The Ashley Stopper Knot has this nice--I don’t know if you can see it here. It’s called a trefoil, three lobes, and they make a nice even surface when the stopper knot is being pulled on. I have a little sharpy pre-marked there so I know exactly how long to start at. I'll make this first coil tight, but then as I twist on the remainder I'm applying quickly a light pressure and letting the inner runs hang straight down. I do not want them to corkscrew around each other and I pull them straight periodically.

This is a 10-foot piece of paracord and by coiling it loosely so that the coils are touching each other, but they're not yet compressed against each other. Ten foot leaves almost two feet. Now, I compress the coils downward, making enough space for the balance then coil that upon using the same technique. Compress the coils down again, stick the tip end to the top loop. Now, compress the coils in the other direction. Like that. It keeps it even. We can now neaten it by rolling. There we have a completed bracelet. Let's try it on.

I'm going to make the hole a little bit bigger. I like to keep this tab nice and long, especially if you're a beginner. It makes it much easier to put these on and take them off. Some people don’t like having any tail at all. All they have is the stopper knot, but I'm not that experienced at putting these on and taking them off so I like a nice long tail. There we have the end result. Removal is very quick also thanks to this. You stick that into the loop and then when you pull this from the other side, it acts as a quick release. Voila.

You take your bracelet off and now you have 10 feet of paracord. The fastest way to deploy it is as such. It takes about six seconds or so, but what's nice is that it has nice, straight, even results without any twisting. This wire is nice ready to go paracord. Here's why I don’t recommend pulling this in the traditional parafab method of just holding the bundle and pulling. It's because the end result will be extremely twisted. Here's an example of it. You see how incredibly twisted this is. You can undo it pretty quickly. However, the advantage of the finger swirl method that I've come up with is that it completes undoes this as you deploy the rope. It's a one-step process. Whereas with this, you have to bit by bit undo it and this takes much longer.

Another use for the bracelet is as a gear handle. What you can do is take any device such as the Maxpedition FR1. Anything that has two D rings, for instance or this has these convenient loops here. What you do is you stick the bracelet through the loops. You then connect the bracelet and as if you were wearing it. Now, you can tighten this so that it cannot come undone and pull the center cord and that tightens the hole, so that now it can't come undone. Don’t do this while wearing as a bracelet or else you could get in trouble and never be able to remove it easily.

Now, slide this part inside. Now, you've got a nice little carry handle. It's convenient that your wrist size is also apparently your grip size. This can be added as a grip to a back pack or any design really, any design that you want to have a pull mechanism on. You can wrap it as a handle around anything using a girth hitch. You can either undo it by undoing the girth hitch or you can undo the stopper knot hole by pulling the loop making it large enough for the stopper knot to escape. Here I have it wrapped a couple of loops going around my bicycle’s frame, so frame plus one tire. It lets me pick up the bicycle big and heavy quite easily. Let me try and give you a wider view.

To undo it, you simply get to the goods underneath. If the hole is not big enough, you're going to have to pull it open. Now you've got a nice little 10-foot piece of paracord on your gear for emergency use, and you just pull it slightly. Stick your finger in the hole at the top. Continue to pull and it completely unravels and it’s complete untangled in just seconds.
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