Easy Neck Knife Carry with a Paracord Baldric

Posted by Stacy on 2/5/2013

I just found this guy's channel today, and I liked this video particularly.  It's a nice idea to easily carry a neck knife in a safer way than just carrying it around your neck.  We carry the break away buttons for lanyards, but I've never wanted to hang my knife from one as I would be concerned about losing it.


Speaker 1: Hi guys, welcome back to West Texas Bush Craft. I told you on the last video about the Morris, that I had something to say about neck knives. I like neck knives. Theyíre pretty sweet. Theyíre handy to have them right there. It got me to thinking about a few things, because a lot of times the lanyardís made out of paracord. You can have it a tendency to get your own head ripped off because of its 550-pound breaking strength, if you snag it on something.

Then I got to thinking about the ďBaldricĒ video I made. The Baldric I think itís a better idea. If youíre just out for light duty stuff during the day or whatever, probably all you want to carry is just a good light weight neck knife. I mean you could take your heavy one too. If you prefer just to go out with just your neck knife, I think the best way maybe to do it is either you can take your lanyard and then use the cord lock on the end. Just burn the ends with no knot. Those burnt ends, when you have them up inside that cord lock like that, it can break away. Or you can put a break-away on there.

Not talking about cord locks, I decided to make a small Baldric out of paracord. Just to show you what we got here, I took a single length piece that goes from here around this way and then over here, and then put the cobra stitch of paracord over the top of it. I stitched it going one way and then brought it right back over the top. Itís a good length. Itís probably 10-15 feet of paracord there, so that can be broken down if you need to.

Then what I did is just a simple overhand knot on a second piece that I put a fixed [tie inaudible 00:02:23] on one end, brought it up, tied it up here. Then this top section, tied it down here. Did the exact same thing on the other side. Now I have a good adjustment. I can adjust that however I need for the fit. That way if Iím wearing a good thick bulky coat, this will go over it. If Iím just wearing a T-shirt like I am today because itís hot and muggy that will work out fine. You just sling that over your shoulder. Now that itís slung over the shoulder, I have taken the two loops and put a carabineer in between them.

You can do however you need to. You can tie a piece of string or cordage in between these. I like the carabiner because itís easy to remove. I can hook it to my pack however I want to do. I mean everybody knows a good use of the carabiner. Since this is open like so, I can just clip it on that carabiner and carry it like that. If I want to just carry it further up underneath my armpit, thatís fine. The benefit to wearing your neck knife in this fashion or under your arm is, if you do hang it on something and it pulls like that, itís going to slowly loosen out. That way you can escape from it and it wonít rip your head off. You wonít get beheaded with that. Thatís not a bad thing. Keeping your head is a good practice.

Thatís pretty short, sweet, nice, quick and dirty. (Laughs) You make a Baldric out of anything, as long as you got any cordage, thatís what you need. Now right there big helper! Yeah, thatís right! (Laughs) Have some fun making some things! Check back on the website. I might have some other stuff coming up for you soon so tay tuned! Until then you guys go out, have fun, be safe and get dirty!
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