Double Core Cobra Knot Paracord Survival Bracelet( How to Video)

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013

Another clear instructional video from Mrcoop1967.  Here he makes a cobra paracord bracelet, but with a double core.  This gives the bracelet a bit more width, but is not as bulky as a king cobra.


Speaker 1: Hey guys, this is Coop here. Today Iím going to make my double or quad core paracord bracelet. I did a video on this here not too long ago but I was sitting there watching one of my buddy Pintoís latest videos of his daughter using my videos to make some paracord products. I figured I would make this one so it kind of slowed it down a little bit for her so she could follow along a little clearer. I noticed a few things in my video that I didnít really care for the way I did it. Iím going to remake this video and hopefully itís a little easier for you guys to follow.

Basically itís going to be the single cobra knot just like a regular cobra knot but Iím going to put a double core in the middle of it. The double cord provides you with a wider bracelet than a cobra and a thinner bracelet than a double cobra. Itís like an in-between. I really like this size. Iím going to show her a few tips and tricks and the rest of you guys, if you want to use these little tips, itís fine. Iíve done these tips before in other videos but never all in one. Letís give it a shot.

You guys know, take your paracord, slice it together and I put it in my buckle. You guys know how to do that. We got that done. Now we scooch everything over to one side. Go back through the bottom again. On the backside. Scooch over the top. Iíll do two at once. Make sure I get all my curls out. That side is done. Weíll do the black side now.

I really like this bracelet guys. Like I said in previous videos, it gives you another option. It gives you a medium sized bracelet that you can make. It doesnít look as small. I got one of my subscribers here lately thatís actually making this bracelet. Heís selling this bracelet for $20 and people are buying it. That was really awesome seeing that.

There you go. Should be like six cords there. What I like to do is I always start on the right hand side and go. This is my dominant color so what I like to do is take the left side and Iíll come all the way to the end of it and Iíll tie a little knot. Now, when youíre doing two color bracelets itís not real hard to get confused. Itís not hard to get confused because you got two colors to help separate what youíre doing. When youíre doing one color bracelets, itís always good to take your left side or whatever side youíre not crossing over with and tie a knot in it. That way, this knot tells you what youíre doing, which direction you should be going. What I mean by that, say for instance Iíve got my right side. I go over and my left side I go over, under, through the hole. When I pull the left side through this hole, thereís my knot. That means that this side here is always going to be the one that goes through the hole. Then we take the left side and you just alternate it back and forth. Thereís your knot again. I figured Iíd slow this down a few passes so itíd be easier for you guys to follow. You go across, over, under, through the hole on the other side. Tighten it down. At this point I usually push up, get it all nice and tight and just continue on.

When youíre making these, if your wrist size is say a size seven, youíre going to want to add an extra inch on your paracord jig to allow for the thickness of this bracelet. Anybody thatís getting a size seven bracelet, youíll have a size eight bracelet for them to fit. If you guys have any questions about that, feel free to put them down below. Iím fixing the update my sizing video so it will be a little bit more clear because I left a few things out in my last video.

As you guys can see there, itís making a nice medium sized bracelet. Remember, you go over, over, under, through the hole. Alright guys, Iím going to pause you here and Iíll get back to you shortly and show you how to finish the bracelet up.

Okay, guys, now that I have my paracord bracelet done, now weíre going to finish it off. You can either cut it on each side and singe it like we do on a lot of stuff or you can bring it around on the bottom side of the bracelet and tuck it. Iím going to go ahead and tuck this one, just so it looks a little better. How you do that is you got the top one here. I go to the second one and start with the second one. You can use a paracord fid or you can use a pair of forceps or you can use a pair of needle nose pliers like what I use. Forceps are real nice and a paracord fid if you can find one. They are awesome little jaba to use. I have a buddy named Shawn here on YouTube. He make paracord fids. Iíll put his link to his channel down below. You guys go over and check him out. Tell him Coop sent you. Order one of his fids if you want a paracord fid. He does an awesome job with them and itís a nice little tool to have.

Iíll go up under there again, grab my other side now. We got those two pulled in there. Now weíll get them out of the way. Weíll go on to the next one. I usually go four bands. Iíll go one, two, three, four. Now weíll go to these two and if you had a paracord fid, youíd probably be done by now. That paracord fid is like a sewing needle. You just put it through there and blam.

I hope Iím staying in frame for you guys. Kind of a pain trying to keep this thing in frame sometimes. Thatís the bad thing about pliers. When you lose your knot, you got to start all over. Paracord fid, thatís the good thing about Shawnís paracord fids. That paracord just twists right into the end of that fid and you donít have to worry about losing it.

I was lucky, I got it through there. Thereís that one pulled nice and tight. When I get to this point guys, when I go through these bottom two here, Iíll pull the one on this side over this way. Then, Iíll go back up underneath and the one on this side, Iíll pull that way. Oh, man. I think Iím going to be hitting my boy Shawn up for a fid. I think Iíve just played out all my pliers. The fid just seems to make it a lot easier especially when youíre tucking them guys. There, now we got a hold of it. There we go.

Being this is with the contour buckles, youíre not going to have two buckles in one because itís contoured. On this particular one here when you get it underneath, I just cut these two and I donít even singe them. I just let them fray. That way it doesnít cause irritation on your skin. Basically you just cut them as close as you can, just like that. Kind of fluff them up a little bit. As you can see, all nice, tight, and ready to go. There you go. Nice and done. All right guys. If you have any comments or questions feel free to put them below. Iíll be more than happy to answer anything that you post. I appreciate your support. I appreciate you watching my channel. Means a lot to me. If it wasnít for you guys there would be no Mr. Coop. With that being said my friends, old Coop is pretty much going to say goodbye.
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