Don't Get Burned When Fusing Paracord or Burning The Ends

Posted by Stacy on 2/14/2013

This is really helpful advise, and a simple solution to a common problem.  I've burned myself more times than I can remember when joining two peices of paracord or when melting the ends.  I will definately be following the advise in the video.

How to Not Get Burned When Fusing Paracord or Burning The Ends


Speaker 1: A lot of people wondering how do I use Paracord and burn it without getting burned myself, because when you burn it becomes like molten lava and you have to smash it with your fingers, which it burns your fingertips.

The thing I like to use is very simply deerskin. The back side has a little bit of fibers on it, so I like these pieces that have one side smooth, one side fibrous, because if it comes to where I just need to singe something off so it doesn’t undone. I just burn both of them. I can use a fibrous part, smash it real quick and it doesn’t matter what it looks like, because I’m just doing that so the outside doesn’t wrinkle up.

Let’s say that I want to fuse two together and so the outside I do care about what it looks like, cut them real nice, keep them close together, and with the lighter you just kind of mess around with it little bit. It gets those fibrous things on the side and then do it along the top so that’s heated enough that it will fuse together. Then we use the smooth side to pinch it on all sides.

As you can see it looks pretty good and strong, this a benefit of using this deerskin. As you can see I’ve gotten many uses out of this. This is the one I’ve used since I started and I do get that stuff on you, just kind of pull it and pick the stuff up. It’s a lot better than the cowhide, because this is a lot more flexible and the cowhide has like fibers all around.
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