Cut and Burn Paracord In One Step ( How To )

Posted by Stacy on 2/28/2013

From one of our favorite Youtube channels, if you have a bunch of paracord that needs to be cut, have a look at this.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALfM0-WhmXI?rel=0&w=640&h=480]


Speaker 1: Whatís up, Youtube. Coming at you today with a new way to get really nice clean cuts on your paracord. Got this idea from my good buddy, Mr. Coup 1967. Iím going to put the link to him down below. Heís a really innovative guy, comes up with lots of ways to do things easier.

I need to cut 300 pieces of paracords at a short length. That means 600 burns you would have to make at the ends with a lighter which would not be fun. We were talking about using a wood burning gun or whatever you call it; a wood burner. People do pyrography with them. I canít say that word. This one has a razor blade tip, thatís one of my tips, and Iíve drawn a line here on a piece of wood for the length that I want. I can just cut it at a real nice angle and if you cut it the guts still show through. What you do is you just lay it on there and let it burn. It does a really nice clean fast cut.

It gives you a real nice edge for if you wanted to say put it in a lanyard bead. Like I said, you just lay it on there and let it burn. If you push and then just cut it with the razor thatís hot it doesnít work as well, thatís just my gun. You could do that stovetop with butter knives, it would work. Just sort of a quick tip. Like I said you donít have to have one of these wood burners to do it. You could actually warm some knives up on a coil on your stove, even a butter knife would work or if you have a gas stove obviously. If you have a ceramic, Iím not sure but you could even get a lighter hot, get a knife hot, that is, with a lighter, a knife that you donít care about because it will destroy the temper on you knife. Anyway guys, just a quick tip. Hope that helps somebody out there. Thanks for watching.
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