Contents of a Basic Wilderness Survival Kit

Posted by Stacy on 4/16/2013

This survival kit has about everything one needs in a basic kit without being overly bulky which makes it easy to cary and use in a survival situation. Throw in a high calorie food bar for a good food source as well just in case.


Basis Wilderness Survival Kit and Contents Speaker 1: Hey guys, howís it going? In this video, Iím going to show you my basic wilderness survival kit. Iíl show you all the contents of it and a brief explanation of most of the items in the kit. This is the updated version of my survival kit. When I go out into the wilderness, I always have other essential gear with me. This kit is just a last-ditch resort, my final hope for survival, so itís a basic wilderness survival kit.

This is the pouch I keep it in, and as you can see, it can fit on a military-style pistol belt, which is very important to me because thatís what I use when I go out into the wild. This is a small pouch. Itís probably only six inches, from here to here, and youíll be amazed at the amount of stuff I can pack into here tightly. Itís somewhat water-resistant. Itís not completely waterproof, but it has plenty of storage. Itís pretty durable. Also, it came with a shoulder strap, so you donít have to keep it on a belt if you donít want to.

This is what it looks like opened up, with everything packed inside of it. As you can see, thatís a lot of stuff to be able to fit in a small bag like this. The only thing thatís not out of the bag is the safety vent, but everything else is right here, that I put in the bag.

First, Iíll show you what I use to start fires. Itís definitely good to have multiple different ways to start fires, in case you lose one or one doesnít work for some reason. Fire is one of the most important things in a survival situation. Here I have a Swedish firesteel. A lot of people know what these are, just strike it like that on your tinder. This is a Silva brand match holder with a compass on top, and in here, I have strike-anywhere matches. These you can coat in wax to keep them waterproof, but this has an O-ring on it anyway, so it is waterproof.

Here is some petroleum jelly-saturated cotton balls, this is an awesome tinder; a candle, helps you to start fires, letís you see at night, has many different uses. Also most of the stuff in this kit has multiple uses, which is very important for your survival kit.

Next, I have some tinfoil, a couple different pieces. One of themís big enough to make a pot so I can boil and purify water with. This is a military-style trioxane fuel bar. You can use this to heat food, boil water, start a fire. This is snare wire, two different sizes. You can make snare traps to catch small animals. You can use it to fix things. Thereís a lot of different uses for that. A signal mirror with directions on the back Ö very important. This is another signaling device, a whistle. This one will work when wet, and is extremely loud. Another signal device is this glow stick, excellent for nighttime. You can tie a cord to it and swing it around, and your rescuer may see a big circle and know where you are, so thatís a good thing to have in your kit.

Here I have a small penlight. Itís not super bright but at least you would have something; also, a spare battery, one AAA battery; some zip ties, many different uses for that; emergency space blankets. Thereís a lot of different uses for these. A few of them are shelter-making; to keep warm. You can make a rain catch, to catch water. You could use it as a fire reflector, and you could signal with them, since theyíre so shiny.

Hereís a bandana. Thereís many different uses for this, too. You can filter out water with this. A compass Ö I have a couple different compasses. This is a Silva compass, a very good brand. I have a couple different compasses because, when youíre lost and in a stressful situation, people tend not to trust their compasses, so if you have more than one to look at and theyíre all saying the same thing, then you know that theyíre reading accurately.

Ziploc bags are very important to have in your survival kit. You can store a lot of water in these and carry water with them; also, any food that you might find, so thereís a couple different uses for that. This is the knife I keep in my kit. Itís a Buck knife with three different blades on it, which is very good, because if one gets dull, you can use the other one and whatever. Also, I keep a small tiny sharpening stone with the knife, because a dull knife in the wild is pretty much useless.

Hereís some duct tape wrapped around some paper. On the paper, you can obviously write messages or whatever. The duct tape also has many uses, repairing things. This is needles and thread wrapped around a clothing patch, so you can repair clothing and other stuff with that. A magnifying glass also can be used to start fires, or also known as a Fresnel lens; super-glue, which you can use to seal deep wounds or cuts.

Next is a wire saw. If you take care of these and donít bend them too much, they can last you a long time and they work very well. While keeping it in your kit, put some petroleum jelly or Vaseline around it to protect it from breaking and drying out. Paracord Ö any kind of cord is extremely important to have in your survival kit. Paracord, to me, is the best because itís so strong, 550 pounds, and it has seven interior strands that you can take apart and use for smaller tasks.

These are water purification tablets, iodine. You add one or two of these to a quart of water and it will kill the harmful bacteria in the water so, also very important. Water is extremely important. This is a small fishing kit, that I keep in my kit. It just has some line, sinkers and hooks, and a bobber. You could catch fish and eat, if you had to.

As you can see, I have all the essentials covered, fire, water, also water, shelter, navigation, signaling, and all the things in my kit have Ö most of the things in my kit have multiple uses. I usually always have this kit with me when going into the woods or the wilderness, and if you have a kit, make sure you know exactly whatís in it, and you should practice using the things inside of it. Thatís it on the contents of my basic wilderness survival kit. Thank you guys for watching.
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