Carry an Izula RAT Knife Horizontally (How to video)

Posted by Stacy on 2/21/2013

This is an interesting way to carry an ESEE RAT Knife horizontally on your belt using paracord

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Speaker: Hello YouTube, farmerdiddley here. I知 going to do a how-to video to show how to take a little bit of paracord and make a horizontal carry option for my ESEE Izula. I want to thank thelazyspoiledkitty for kind of inspiring me to do this. He had a video a few weeks back where he took some paracord, did a horizontal carry for his Izula. I kind of took what he did and expanded on a little bit, and I want to show you folks how to do that today.

Couple of people have mentioned there are some aftermarket sheaths you can get for the Izula or you can certainly make a sheath out of kaydax and rig that up for a horizontal carry. I think the sheath that comes with the Izula is fine. It serves the purpose and I figure, if I can get what I知 looking for with just a couple of feet of paracord, it痴 really a good, inexpensive option. That痴 kind of why I played around a little bit and have come up with my take on the horizontal carry for this knife and I just wanted to share it with you folks.

To get started, like I said I have about, I think about 4 feet of paracord here. Not sure how well my camera痴 going to focus on this, but the first thing that I did was I kind of trimmed the ends and [inaudible 00:01:26] them into kind of points. This is just going to make it easier as I知 threading the paracord through the holes in the sheath. I知 actually going to go through some of those holes a few times and as you go through, if there痴 a piece of paracord already in there, kind of having pointy edge is going to make it a little bit easier to snake the paracord through.

I知 just going to go ahead and get started. What I知 going to do is I need to have paracord running in a vertical orientation that way the belt can pass underneath that to give the horizontal carry. What I知 going to do there is I知 just going to stick this end of paracord, sorry I need to come through this end, through the back side, through here and up through here. Then take the other end and come up through the other hole and stick it through there. Again, so a real simplistic, at a minimum, this is what you need.

I believe what the lazyspoiledkitty did was, all he did was take this, turn it over, put a couple of knots right here, cut the paracord, tie a couple of knots in the paracord, cut it to length and then run this through his belt. It痴 really simple, takes probably about 30 seconds to set this up.

I知 going to add a few more wraps here, just to make this maybe look a little bit fancier. I think maybe a little bit sturdier too. Although I think the two pieces of paracord would probably be sufficient.

Okay, to continue on, now what I知 going to do is just take this end and stick it through this hole right here, that痴 what I was mentioning earlier about wanting to kind of taper or make a point on that end. I知 going to use my Victorinox Helmsman, which is sailor痴 knife or a rigging knife. It has this tool on here that you can use to do some kind of fine [inaudible 00:03:34] work. I知 going to actually just use this to help push this end through this hole.

Okay, so I致e pushed the end through and now I知 just going to pull it, just to work out most of the slack. I知 not going to worry about pulling it tight yet. Now, I知 going to do the same exact thing with the other of the cord going through the other hole.

I致e fed this end through and again I知 going to pull out most of the slack. Now that I致e run the two ends through the holes the second time, I知 going to turn the whole knife and sheath over and I知 going to just simply take each end and go back up through this long slot at the top of the sheath, and pull it through, just kind of doubling up the paracord here. I知 going to do the same thing on this side, pull through.

Now that I致e run the ends through the large holes at the top of the sheath, I知 now going to start to get ready to kind of finish this off and tighten the cord up the way that I wanted. Before I proceed any further, I知 just going to pull out my belt here and run this through the paracord loop, just so I can kind of tighten it down and snug it down to work with the belt that I plan on wearing.

Again, this is the side that will be up against my body that the belt will go through. I知 just going to run this through right now. I値l probably end up leaving the belt on here, while I finish tightening this up. I致e just run that through. Now, what I want to do is kind of snug these things up, flip it over and these things should be fairly snug. If they池e not, I知 just going to kind of pull through on the other side, tighten everything up. I think that looks pretty good. These are fairly snug. You don稚 really have to crank on it and make it super tight. In here, these are fairly snug as well. I think I知 just going to go with that. I think that値l leave me enough room to get the belt in and out To be able to get the knife on and off the belt without having it ride too loose where it starts to kind of sag down because of gravity.

Now that I致e tighten up the paracord to the tension that I wanted to have, also I really need to do now I just kind of finish this off. Lots of different ways you could do this. I知 just going to kind of do something that痴 maybe a little fancy but not too fancy. I知 just going to kind of wrap this piece through this loose end, this long end I知 just going to kind of wrap this through the other piece of paracord, couple of times, just to kind of get a little spiral action going there. Again, nothing too fancy but just make it look nice. I知 kind of trying to even it out here. It痴 not looking very even.

Now, I知 just going to take this each end and snake it underneath this bottom piece. I値l do once on each side. Maybe I値l do twice of the take a look and see what it looks like after I go through it one time. I don稚 know, maybe I値l get through one more or even overlap them. Again, you can really do whatever you want to finish this up, and using [inaudible 00:07:43] on my Victorinox Helmsman. I have a couple of other rigging knives, sailing knives, whatever you want to call them. Really helps when doing this kind of paracord

I think what I知 going to do now is now that I have two strands hanging down here, I think I might just put a little, I don稚 know, a little langhart knot right about here and leave a little bit paracord dangling. I think that might look kind of nice. I知 going to go off the camera and finish that up, then I値l come back and show you what the finished product looks like.

Okay, I知 back. I just went off and made a few more twists around this kind of bottom horizontal piece of the cord, and then I tied on a simple langhart knot. I didn稚 show how to do that. I致e actually shown that in a previous video, so if you壇 like to learn how to make this langhart knot. It痴 just kind of a decorative knot, good way to end two pieces of cord, tying two pieces of cord together. Go check out my channel. I have a how-to video on tying the langhart knot.

Now, all I have to do is trim up the ends here and [inaudible 00:09:02] them with my Zippo. This horizontal carry modification to my Izula sheath will be completed.

Alright. Here we have the kind of the final product. It痴 what it looks like on the outside. It痴 what it looks like on the inside, sort to speak. This is where the belt will go through, so there痴 kind of enough room to kind of get my finger under there a little bit. I think that will give me enough room to easily slide the sheath over the belt but still keep the knife riding pretty tight, pretty secure.

I値l do a quick demo of that right now. Okay. I知 hoping this is all in frame. Here痴 my belt. I kind of plan on carrying it right back here. Again, I知 not sure if this is in frame but I知 just going to slide the belt through one side, through the other. You can see, I have a pretty wide belt too. This still works just fine, pull it right through, get it to about where I want. Finish putting my belt on.

Okay. Then after I get my belt on, I can adjust the knife to the position, where I want to carry it, either kind of upfront, more towards the front here, slide it back until it hits the next belt loop back. That might be a pretty good position to carry it right there. Getting it out wouldn稚 be a problem. I think getting the knife back in might be a little bit problematic. I may carry it more upfront there. We値l see. I値l have to play around with that a little bit. It痴 covered by the shirt. You need to get the knife out. There it is. You need to return the knife to the sheath, and so. Good to go.

There you have it, YouTube. That痴 my take on the modification to the ESEE Izula sheath to allow for horizontal carry. Take care. Have a great day.
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